Breakups are never easy – but these six zodiac signs find it particularly difficult to let go

These 6 zodiac signs cannot separate

1. Pisces

Pisces have hearts of gold, as we all know. However, Pisces also tend to see a lot through rose-colored glasses and predominantly perceive the positive qualities of the partner. This causes them to overlook warning signs. While it is good to be willing to work on a relationship, it is also very dangerous to believe that the person you love above all cannot do anything wrong and would never hurt you. Even when there is nothing left to save, Pisces still do not break up just because they refuse to see that the relationship wasn’t as perfect as they thought they were.

2. Cancer

Cancers love love and you can see it: Although they do not enter into a relationship with everyone, they have very high expectations and directly believe that the partner is the right one. They envision the future together and are emotionally involved very quickly. At the first signs of separation, Cancers tend to ignore them and would never end the relationship because they are so madly in love with their partner. Cancers stay in a relationship until they have no choice but to break up.

3. Virgo

Virgos have high standards and do not allow others to approach them so quickly. While they spend a lot of time finding the perfect partner, that doesn’t mean the relationship will always go smoothly. They are intelligent and can tell when something is wrong, but instead of breaking up, they try to straighten things out. Virgos have no problem taking responsibility and are very patient, which is why they end up staying in unhealthy relationships longer than they should.

4. Taurus

Taurus love order and structure and they have no problem letting everyone else know. Once their life is calm, solid, and orderly, they are happy. In relationships, Taurus may notice that the partner is not always the right one or that they are not as in love as they thought, but a breakup would bring a lot of chaos and Taurus do not want to deal with that. They don’t stay in the relationship because of love, but it is simply more comfortable for them to stay: the relationship may lack a spark, but the expectations they have of a partner are fulfilled.

5. Libra

Libra are very devoted partners. While it takes time for them to indulge in someone, a breakup takes a lot. Libras want harmony in all of their relationships, which is why they have to grapple with problems they really don’t want. Libra always put the well-being of others before their own and do not want to hurt anyone or expose them to unnecessary stress through a separation. They are also creatures of habit and tend to revert to the same partners – because they can never let go completely.

6. Scorpio

In relationships, Scorpios are extremely passionate and intense partners. You don’t fall in love often, but when you do, it’s for good reason. They give everything for the relationship and try to keep it going because they are so in love. They break up extremely rarely, except in extreme circumstances, such as when the partner is cheating on them. However, in this case, they will not be able to finish the relationship and will try everything to get revenge on their partner.


These 6 zodiac signs cannot separate

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