These 6 Zodiac Signs Cannot Let Go Of A Certain Person In 2023

A Certain Person In 2023

These 6 Zodiac Signs Cannot Let Go Of A Certain Person In 2023

What makes life worth living is one and the same thing that can hurt us the most: loving another person. When we love another we are extremely awake and alive. Because being in love is a sublime but temporary state.

So often we don’t realize that romantic love comes with a contract of promised pain, because one of the parties involved will either die, leave, or fall out of love, leaving the other person devastated. 

And while we know that our connections can cause us emotional distress, we still insist, we still reach out until our fingers break.

Luckily, using astrology as a guide is a great way to learn about the zodiac signs that can’t let go. 

It is not in our human nature to detach easily; we love our sense of security, and our notions of permanence, but nothing lasts. Why do we cling so tightly to what cannot last? Is there a reason why we can’t let go?

There are some of us who learn the lesson of detachment and understand it as a saving grace. However, most of us don’t even begin to understand it, so we spend our lives going from one attachment to another.

are you one of them


This zodiac sign takes great pride in their ability to be steadfast and honest this year, and when it comes to love, family, friends, and animals, Cancers are dependable and attached to the things they love—especially, this coming year strong.

So much so that after love affairs and death, they still celebrate the memory of the past, no matter how good or bad it was. You don’t let go.

Once you connect with someone this year, you take that person to your heart. They make it a part of themselves they can’t shake.


Taurus also cannot let go in this year 2023 because for them letting go feels like a failure. You don’t want to fail, and you certainly don’t want to step back.

If you belong to this zodiac sign, you are one of those people who have great intentions and goals and wish very much for the best to manifest. That’s why you’re particularly ambitious with your plans this year.

And when your dreams take sudden detours and you have to let go of those dreams, you will throw yourself into despair because you will have to say goodbye to what you wanted so badly and whatever was part of your plan.

It can be so difficult for you that you just ignore it. You tend to just not let go and nurture and chase impossible dreams for the rest of your life.


Basically, you’re not letting up this year. This zodiac sign has a lot of integrity and staying power, and that kind of persistence gives them a deep drive that keeps them from letting go.

You want to see the success of a project. And you love it when an idea is realized. Therefore, you also want the upcoming work to be realized. However, your surrender goes hand-in-hand with her inability to let go. The good thing is, you don’t give up easily.


You don’t let go so easily this year either. In fact, even when you’re in trouble, you don’t know when to let go. You can’t tell if you’re attached to it because it’s good or bad.

You just know it’s yours and you’ll fight for it – whatever it is. Also, you will fight tooth and nail against letting it go.

When it comes to love, however, you have no problem letting things go because you’ve already had horrible romantic experiences and therefore can’t fully commit to a new love.

The fear of rejection is just too great. But you fight to the death for obsession with something unrealistic or ridiculous.


You have a keen eye for detail, but your attention to information might be just what’s holding you back. Virgos are also extremely logical and can take it too far when analyzing the past. They repeat events over and over in their minds to arrive at different conclusions. 

Remember that you cannot change the past, you can only learn from it. You find it incredibly difficult to let go during this time because you value stability so much.

When things don’t go to plan, you not only get thrown off course, you get completely derailed. You need something to hold on to and that’s why you don’t want to let go.

You desperately want security in your life and you don’t let go of what you love and need long after it’s gone. That’s why you’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto a thing or a person that you’re so attached to.


Geminis have always been idealists. That’s why they fall this year when their ideals suddenly collapse. In love and family, they find it particularly difficult to let go. A death in the family can incapacitate a Gemini and plunge him into a depression from which he cannot easily recover.

These zodiac signs just can’t let go now – they almost never do. This kind of stubborn behavior makes it difficult to help them as an outsider. If you try to help your Gemini friend break away from something, you will only fail. 

If you belong to Gemini, you are a complicated person, especially this year, who is most concerned about looking to the future. However, you need to take a minute and face your problems and let go instead of trying to just move on.

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