These 6 zodiac signs are the most intuitive in November 2020

We are all intuitive to some extent. Our intuition is usually also called the sixth sense. He guides us through life where our rationality and our judgment are neglected. He evaluates our environment in a way that we cannot perceive and that is sometimes not logically comprehensible. 

Often we hear other people say that their gut says something is wrong or that they feel like something will end up being good. Our intuition is also often associated with the heart. When we listen to our hearts, it is usually our intuition that guides us. At this moment we even turn ourselves against the brain, the logical center of the body. 

Some people listen more to their intuition and some less. But our intuitive behavior is not only dependent on our character or how much we have dealt with our intuition. It can also depend heavily on what our life situation looks like and how strongly we can perceive our intuition at all. Sometimes we just manage better to listen to our hearts and sometimes less. 

In astrology, too, there can be signs of the zodiac that are more intuitive than others for a certain time. These 6 zodiac signs are the most intuitive in November 2020:


Libra is overly sensitive to everything and everyone. She is sensitive to herself, thoughts, feelings, and what is going on around her. At times, based on her intuition, she feels potential danger. But she also has the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel, while others consider this situation to be hopeless. Libra has the gift of seeing the details of every situation and their perspective. They refuse to divide things into black and white because they know there are many shades. In November, thanks to the excellent connection with their intuition, Libra will be able to improve their interpersonal relationships, which will make them very happy.


Geminis are social people who instinctively understand what to say in order to calm people down or start a conversation. They also know what to say before talking about it. Their intuition helps them understand how to act in any situation. Hence, they can make a good impression on people. In November, Gemini will be able to use this ability in particular. This way he will achieve his goals faster and be successful.


Intuition and awareness of one’s own emotions are among the strong characteristics of our cancer. It is therefore not surprising that most of the time he listens to his inner voice. Cancer may be able to sense the emotions of not only those who are close to them but also be receptive to the feelings of strangers. Of course, that’s not always an advantage, but in November this ability will earn him a lot of praise.   Because it will not only be strongly felt for cancer, but also for the people around it. The intuition of this zodiac sign is the reason why many people feel so comfortable around it. People know that Cancer understands their feelings without having to explain them.


Intuitive people tend to be creative, and Pisces is one of the most creative zodiac signs of all. Sometimes Pisces inspiration comes from their intuition. They follow their intuition and this leads them to create something incredible. It is therefore unnecessary to ask where the creativity of Pisces comes from because it begins somewhere deep inside, where their intuition is located. The fish are also extremely sensitive, so they can feel if something should happen even when there are no obvious prerequisites for it to happen. In November, thanks to its strong intuition, the Pisces will develop a good feeling for decisions that others can only be jealous of.


Scorpios are particularly sensitive to people. A Scorpio can smell a lie a kilometer against the wind. No matter how hard you try to hide something, this zodiac sign will learn the truth. The Scorpio is very confident and knows what he’s doing. You just can’t fool him because he can sort of reading your mind when you try to hide something from him. This ability will play into Scorpio’s cards especially in November, as it will reveal which people in his life are actually not his friends.


A virgin never takes anything out of her sight. She notices everything that is going on around her, especially what no one else sees. She doesn’t know how to just perceive things for what they are. She tends to analyze and question almost everything in the world. For the Virgo everything is mysterious and she often tries to find out what is hidden under the surface of the situation or person. Her intuition will be especially strong in November, which will help her choose the right path. 


These 6 zodiac signs are the most intuitive in November 2020



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