These 6 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Siblings

The relationship between siblings is very special! And the stars have their fingers in the game: These zodiac signs are the best siblings …

We love them, we hate them – hardly any relationship experiences such a love-hate relationship as that between siblings. At first, you fight to the blood because your sister is wearing your favorite shirt and doesn’t speak a word to each other, but as soon as someone else says something against your own siblings, you would defend them immediately and loudly. Siblings are the lifelong friends given to us by the universe – through good times and bad. Here we have already revealed which zodiac signs are the nastiest siblings – but which of the 12 zodiac signs are the best brothers and sisters? Here you can find out.

Horoscope: These are the signs of the zodiac that you wish for as a brother or sister

How would you describe your dream siblings? They are caring, empathetic, and always on your side. You can also have fun with them and talk about all kinds of topics. Sounds perfect! With these zodiac signs, the probability is very high that you have a dream sibling – or are yourself!

Pisces: The emotional Pisces are the perfect siblings because they always have an open ear for their brothers and sisters. They are very sensitive and provide their siblings with advice and support. But be careful: In the event of a dispute, the Pisces may take the criticism too much to heart.

Taurus: The sensible Taurus takes on the role of the oldest child above all. Due to his reason and down-to-earth attitude, he always keeps an eye on his siblings and thus protects them from stupidities and brings them back down to earth. He is also very patient – so annoying sibling squabbles cannot harm him.

Gemini: fun-loving, spontaneous, sociable – you can really have fun with a Gemini sibling. With their enterprising spirit and curiosity, the twins keep coming up with new ideas and would like to share them with their siblings right away. But be careful: as playful as the twin is, they are just as argumentative.

Cancer: who needs best friends when you have a Cancer sibling? Cancers are the ultimate family people and, thanks to their strong protective instinct, always worry about others. Cancers are good listeners and are always there for you. Sometimes they are a bit moody, but they are granted that.

Virgo: Care and reliability are the order of the day for the Jungfrau siblings. You can always rely on them! No matter when and for what you need them, the Virgo is there. Every now and then your sense of order becomes a bit exhausting, but someone has to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Libra: Harmony is the most important need of the Libra siblings. They are very caring and prefer to avoid an argument rather than fuel it. If you have a Libra sibling, you should be careful not to take advantage of their care and good nature.

Signs of the zodiac: The signs of the zodiac in the family

Of course, the zodiac sign isn’t the only factor that describes how people behave as siblings. Did you know that, according to a study, second-born babies, in particular, are considered to be troublemakers? Sometimes the sign of the zodiac doesn’t help either. The fact is: every zodiac sign has very special character traits and these are also reflected in the relationship with the siblings.


These 6 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Siblings

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