Getting over your ex is sometimes not that easy – these zodiac signs would most likely take him back

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: after a 2-year separation, the two are now married


While Scorpios have no problem breaking up, it’s difficult for them to finally break up in a relationship – unless the person has committed something unforgivable. This zodiac sign is passionate and intense, which is also reflected in the relationship. These emotional memories are therefore kept in Scorpio’s mind. So when the ex appears again, the old intense feelings for each other come up again.


If a Cancer loves someone, it is with all their heart. When this zodiac sign falls in love, it imagines the future together and thinks that love will last forever. This is why it is so devastating for Cancers when a relationship breaks down. If the ex-partner wants a fresh start, they accept it with open arms, because they always only see the best in other people and can forgive them well.


Pisces are very sentimental and sensitive: in love they feel everything very intensely. You fall in love quickly – which can also be positive. However, when a relationship is over they only remember the positive things and ignore negative feelings. So if your ex asks for a second chance, chances are Pisces will take him back because they see everything through rose-tinted glasses.


Taurus don’t fall in love that easily. But if you do, you immediately think it’s the right one. This zodiac sign loves order and wants everything to run smoothly. This is why Taurus has a very difficult time when a relationship breaks down. They would rather do whatever it takes to save the relationship than start something new with someone else.


Libra always see the good in people. They invest a lot in their relationships and don’t like to be alone. Because Libra needs a lot of harmony, it is very difficult for them when a separation throws everything off balance. So if an ex-partner wants to try again, chances are that this zodiac sign will take them back. Because during the breakup, Libra analyzed the whole relationship and looked for solutions to the problem.


Virgos take their time to open up to others, but they would do anything for their closest confidante. So when a relationship fails, Virgos try to solve the problems. Because they have already invested so much time and love in the relationship, they do not want to accept a breakup. So if the ex wants her back, he’ll be welcomed with open arms. This time, however, Virgos make sure that the same mistakes are not repeated.


These 6 zodiac signs are most likely to take their ex back

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