These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Contentious In October 2021

Each sign of the zodiac has its characteristics and characteristics, there are also some very negative characteristics. Some of the zodiac signs are withdrawn, others are extroverted and live their lives outwardly and there are also those who cling to their habits and do not want to break out of their everyday lives.

In the month of October 2021, there are some zodiac signs that will feel misunderstood, by almost everyone and are therefore looking for a fight, or will not allow anything to be offered. They know where they want to go and their heads go through the wall when they have to. The “beast” in the following 6 zodiac signs is ready to break out at any time in October.


People in the zodiac sign Aries are usually easy to irritate and generally live their lives in the fast lane and it’s difficult to stop them from doing something once they have set their minds.

People in the zodiac sign Aries are always in a kind of “competition” with themselves but also with the people around them. The zodiac sign Aries is always good for an act of revenge, for something that happened a long time ago. So if you have an Aries around you, you should avoid them in October.


People in the zodiac sign Taurus tend to be calm and patient contemporaries, but in October 2021 they tend to get extremely upset about trivial things. They might turn every flight into an elephant this month.

The zodiac sign Taurus will be very short in the month of October 2021, as far as the durability of your nerves is concerned. Physical violence is usually not for the withdrawn Taurus, but in October 2021 it is better not to take it down and get out of it.


People in the zodiac sign Gemini lead a silent fight against their demons, and this is particularly pronounced in the month of October 2021 and could penetrate outside, which could come as a surprise for those around Gemini.

The Gemini is considered freedom-loving and is one of the free spirits of the 12 zodiac signs, he is anything but violent but in the month of October it simmers in Gemini and the demons from the past want to break out. It is a fine line for the Gemini in the month of October, because the people around him will sometimes experience him coldly without emotion, but also angry and full of anger, but always ready for an argument or a discussion.


People in the zodiac sign Cancer are considered to be the empaths among the zodiac signs and they are used to swallowing their anger, grief and worries in order not to burden anyone (except themselves).

But in October 2021, cancer will come out of itself and will not put up with anything, it could experience an emotional explosion and surprise people around it, but also possibly hurt. So if there is cancer in your environment, then I advise you not to put it under pressure.


People in the zodiac sign Leo are considered extroverted and they need the center point like the air they breathe. In the month of October 2021, the ego of Leo will be bigger than in the other months, which increases the chances of getting into an argument with him extremely.

Even when it’s small and meaningless to most people, for Leo it’s always EVERYTHING. He defends his point of view by all means (including unfair ones) and he will not give in. People of the zodiac sign Leo will do everything in October to be right, even if it means disappointing or hurting other people.


People in the zodiac sign Scorpio are passionate and profound people, with a certain aura that can attract others. In October, the Scorpio will target people from their past with whom they still have an account to be taken. It is, so to speak, their month of “Vengeance” and they will savor it and serve it cold to their adversaries.

Scorpio is known for not forgetting anyone who has ever done them bad things and that they will “return the favor” for it, which will be the case in October 2021. So if you should have a Scorpio in your environment, then be good with him so as not to end up on his “list”. 


These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Contentious In October 2021

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