These 6 things men do make you believe that you are the “crazy one” and that he is the “normal one”.

These 6 things men do to make you believe that you are the “crazy one” and that he is the “normal one”.

You give your friend something that upsets you and he turns the tables and makes it seem like you are the crazy one. And then you actually ask yourself if there might even be something to it and if you are really crazy. All of your problems seem to come from you and he makes you feel like you are to blame for everything. So this thought keeps solidifying in you.

Stop! Stop feeling bad about yourself for something that is your own fault. Don’t let him pull you down or let them talk you into something that’s wrong. 

Note the following things men do when they try to put the blame on you and want to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. These 6 things men only do to make you believe you are the crazy one in the relationship.

1. He’s deliberately telling you things that hurt you

Sometimes he purposely recounts situations or events from the past to distract from himself. He doesn’t seem to care that these things hurt you. He picks up some painful subject and pokes at it. This makes you feel endlessly bad that you have completely forgotten what your conversation was originally about. It’s like he’s erased your thoughts. You no longer know what question you wanted to ask him and whether it was even important. In this case, you know that he really only wants to distract from the topic – from his own mistakes.

2. He says that you are too sensitive

If he attacks your feelings, when you are angry or crying, it can indicate that he wants you to think of yourself as the culprit. The last thing you want is to be labeled as overly emotional by your partner, or to be told by someone you are having a nervous breakdown. So you will try to hide your feelings because he is almost annoyed with your sensitivity. Push it all. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty about your own feelings. He makes you believe that you are the crazy one, while he is the one who triggers these feelings in you. 

3. He pushes you to do things that you don’t want to do

He wants you to do something for him, but you actually know deep down that it’s not the right thing to do. Your gut feeling tells you that you really don’t want to do that. That’s why you tell him that you cannot comply with his request. Then he starts telling you that any woman would do this for her man, and you start looking at yourself as abnormal. Your guilty conscience just keeps getting bigger and you think that you are paranoid or completely insane. He’s so persuasive that you think you’re really not normal that you end up doing it for him after all.

4. He makes fun of you in front of others

He loves to unpack about you in the presence of your friends. He likes to tell you how crazy you are and what crazy habits you have so that everyone thinks it’s really true. It might be funny at first, because you can laugh a little at yourself too. But then it gets more serious and you think he really isn’t kidding. He makes you look really silly and really pulls you off. Your friends laugh at his stories and you play the game for a while longer. But you don’t have to put up with that! He can’t badmouth you in front of your friends or other people if he wants to be with you. He only does this to make you feel abnormal and crazy. 

5. You invent more and more lies

Now you have realized what his real intention is. You understand what he’s doing to you now and you don’t even want to know how far he’s going to go. You absolutely want to avoid emotional abuse and the worst thing for you is if he gets angry or freaks out. You no longer want to argue or do anything wrong – so you lie to him. Now you are a liar and it has become normal for you not to tell your partner the truth but to make up things.

6. It makes you question your memory

He has the talent that he can turn things around so that you think you didn’t say something even though you were sure you said it. Or else he lied to you in the past and you believed him. And if you ask him about it now, we will tell you that he would never have said this. Since this happens over and over again, at some point you will doubt your own memory. He loves to twist things while you yourself are thinking that something is wrong with you. So you can no longer trust your own judgment and you give up. You don’t even try and you end up thinking it’s your problem. You are not the victim at all, he is!


These 6 things men do make you believe that you are the "crazy one" and that he is the "normal one".

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