These 5 zodiac signs stifle their relationship with their attachment

If you are attached yourself to your relationship, you may not be able to recognize that attachment right away. You may feel that your relationship is not good for you or healthy, but you bury your feelings and think that your relationship might improve over time.

When one partner is dependent on the other, behavior can stifle the entire relationship. Being clingy and dependent can make the other partner feel pressured or responsible for the happiness of their attached partner. This is not a healthy and balanced relationship and yet some people find themselves in such addiction again and again.

In astrology, there are 5 zodiac signs that are more inclined to make themselves dependent on their partner and stick to them like glue. The following zodiac signs stifle their relationship with their attachment:

1. Cancer

Cancers, as a rule, enter into relationships in which they completely fixate on their partner. They ask a thousand questions and keep calling because they always want to know what their partner is doing or thinking. To the partner of a Cancer, it might feel like the Cancer is trying to control every movement it makes and monitor everything it does. This can of course be uncomfortable and annoying for the partner.

Cancer is also extremely sensitive to their partner’s mood, and if their partner is in a bad mood or is sad, it won’t be long before cancer does the same. He soaks up his partner’s emotions like a sponge and unconsciously copies him. As a result, the partner can get the feeling that he himself is responsible for the mood of the Cancer and thus also for his happiness. And who would want to bear this responsibility for someone else?

2. Pisces

Pisces like to take on projects for their loved ones. They also love to deal with someone they believe needs their help so they can fix it, so to speak. They strive to heal others and find solutions to problems. It is not uncommon for Pisces to get involved with someone who had a bad childhood or is suffering from an addiction, such as alcohol addiction or action addiction. Pisces can give themselves to someone with all their compassion and all their empathic abilities, only to help them and pull them out of this deep hole again.

When the fish’s partner hits rock bottom or needs a second chance, they know perfectly well that their fish will always be there to save them and help them in any way possible. The fish likes to feel needed. The problem with this, however, is that the fish forgets itself and, with its overprotection, suffocates its core relationship in the long run.

3. Aquarius

Compromises are important in relationships. But it’s no longer a compromise when you feel like you need to change an important part of yourself. In relationships, Aquarius quickly gets the feeling that they are not enough themselves. That is why he always needs confirmation from his partner. 

He makes his entire self-esteem dependent on his partner and can no longer make his own decision without his opinion. Aquarius is so clingy in their relationships that they bend over backward for others and end up not being who their partner fell in love with. In this way, the attraction fades and the relationship breaks down.

4. Gemini

Geminis tend to take on their partner’s problems, causes, and responsibilities as if they were their own. On the one hand, Geminis are great advocates, but sometimes they lose sight of what’s important to themselves.

Gemini can easily take a back seat to their own needs so they can take care of their partner and make sure their partner is happy and fulfilled. It is of course not healthy for Gemini to put their own feelings and thoughts aside so that they can concentrate on their partner. The partner will have the feeling that the Gemini gives up on himself more and more for him and this could lead to the fact that he eventually loses interest in him because he no longer leads an interesting life of his own or no longer pursues his passions.

5. Virgo

Virgos can be real control freaks at times. Not only are they trying to change their partner, but after a period of time, they also start to control them. They can get quite jealous and call or even spy on their partner. 

All of this makes them clingy and control-addicted partners who can definitely damage the relationship with their behavior. A Virgo has to learn that she has to let go of her partner a little too, otherwise, she will restrict him too much and that will not lead to a happy relationship in the long run.


These 5 zodiac signs stifle their relationship with their attachment




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