In many areas of life there are rules and guidelines that one should adhere to. And if you adhere to them, there are actually no problems . But for some it’s not that easy. Because they hate it when you tell them what to do. And that is mainly related to your personality and your zodiac sign.

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The Leo loves to be the center of attention. And in order to get the attention of as many as possible, he spares no expense or effort. Laws and regulations are also completely irrelevant to him. As long as he can tell good stories at the end of the day, with which he is in turn the center of attention, any means is fine. In his eyes, rules are for cowards.


Taurus are considered to be extremely stubborn and stubborn. So it’s no wonder that this zodiac sign finds it particularly difficult to adhere to the rules. He is reluctant to be dictated to and prefers to engage in long discussions instead of just doing what is asked of him.



It is similar with Aquarius. Because even he does not get along with rules and regulations, because his freedom is simply sacred to him. He loves excitement and adventure. For him, breaking rules is simply part of it and makes his life more exciting. That is why Aquarius has already received one or the other punishment in the past.


Cancer also somehow doesn’t really get along with rules. Although he is not stubborn, he is totally suspicious. He doubts any explanation behind a rule and instead sets his own guidelines for himself. In return, he even accepts discussions and confrontations with the law.

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Sagittarius also has problems with rules. Because this zodiac sign is very freedom-loving and enjoys its independence. Then, if there is suddenly something he is not allowed to do, he gets angry. It is not for nothing that shooters in particular often have problems with the law.


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