These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Drama Queens And Kings In 2022

We all have that one person in life who can’t help but be dramatic. 

In astrology, there are 5 zodiac signs that are the biggest drama queens and kings this year because they just always exaggerate. They are quick to get excited and often turn a mosquito into an elephant.

Astrology has shown that these people naturally have expressive personalities that lead to overreactions. Exaggeration is part of their normal way of saying things. Born drama queens and kings, they just can’t help but be dramatic!

Their over-the-top behavior easily attracts the attention of others and draws their attention to themselves. So, here are the 5 zodiac signs who are the biggest drama queens and kings in 2022:


Leos will always be at the top of this list as they are the greatest drama queens and kings of the zodiac. They like to draw the full attention of other people around them and be the center of attention. They love it! 

So, creating big drama is an easy way for her to be in the spotlight and enjoy the looks. But the good thing is: that it doesn’t harm others. They just like to express things in a big way and push their ego that way.

Leos will always want to be the chandelier of the day. You like to convince others and want people to look up to you or follow you. They also have a high standard of living and know they deserve the best. 

It’s no surprise that a Leo loves to lead a life of partying. Of course, they get a kick out of it and feel alive. Catching attention through big drama is an easy way for her to grab the spotlight. But that shouldn’t offend or exclude anyone. Because they just like to express things on a great level.


People with this zodiac sign are overly expressive people who like to tell stories. So they don’t create drama to get attention, it’s just their natural way of reacting.

Whatever they do, they will do it with a lot of exaggeration. That’s why they are the best storytellers. People find Gemini exciting to listen to because they have a fabulous way of exaggerating things with their words.

They are just extremely expressive people with a good choice of words. They don’t create drama to get attention, it’s just their natural way of behaving. Whatever they do, they will do it with a lot of over-emphasis. In fact, they thrive in drama.

The Gemini is an emotional sign and can therefore quickly turn into all-out drama if things don’t go as they wish. He often has a plan in his head and wants it to work out. When this isn’t the case, he can quickly blow up and portray things in an extremely negative way.


Scorpios are overly dramatic when angry. They are passionate and intense people who can turn into pure anger with their actions and words. You’re not going to let things go that easily without digging deep and picking them apart.

Scorpio can turn into a dramatic person when angry, which one would rather not cross paths with. They are really intense people who will show the same with their actions and words in anger.

Also, they won’t let go of things easily without digging through them. With their assertive personality, Scorpios can appear aggressive and emotional when upset. Be careful when approaching a Scorpio. You have to be prepared that he can lose his calm at any moment. So it’s best to wait until the storm has passed.


Virgos are also called drama queens because of their choosy nature. They always try to be perfect and make things perfect which often leads to a lot of drama in their lives. These people are always trying to be perfectionists, but that makes them drama queens and kings at the same time.

Virgos are also the least obvious in the list of drama queens because they act out of their need for perfection, and it doesn’t seem all that dramatic at first. It’s only when things don’t go as expected that they tend to overdo it. 

They tend to get stressed easily and often create a lot of stress over an issue by overthinking it. When things are messy, they get angry and irritated easily. Although they don’t really have as much drama in their lives as other zodiac signs, they do like to create problems where none exist.


Cancers are overly emotional and sensitive and are therefore considered drama queens. They often create drama about their health problems and complain a lot. That is why they are often seen as tearful. They’ll exaggerate to make it look like a big wound when it’s actually just a small cut.

Cancers are extremely emotional and sensitive and that’s why they make the list of drama queens and kings. It is difficult for them to feel comfortable when upset. Known for their mood swings, Cancers can go from a very calm person to a very angry person and explode in a minute. That’s when everyone should duck because you never know how they’re going to react. Being so sensitive, they often take things too personally. 

Her ego makes Cancers one of the biggest drama queens and kings, which can be a little tiring at times.


These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Drama Queens And Kings In 2022

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