These 5 zodiac signs are not suitable for a long-distance relationship

When you’ve finally found the love of your life, you want to spend every free minute with your partner and literally be with them.

But if the partner lives in another city or even in a foreign country, lovers face many challenges.

A distance relationship requires a lot of trust, patience, and a willingness to compromise, so it is not for everyone and is often doomed to fail.

Many partners are often faced with the difficult decision of whether a long distance relationship is the right choice for them or whether they cannot stand love at a distance.

Because of the distance, each partner has to face everyday life alone, although they only want to have their partner by their side every day.

Different zodiac signs are better suited to long-distance relationships, while others tend to avoid this type of relationship because of the dire consequences it can have.

A long distance relationship is entirely possible for the earth signs because they are patient, sensible and can easily adapt to any situation.

However, few signs of the zodiac are people who value physical closeness and intimacy in order to really feel connected to their partner.

They find it difficult to do without togetherness and tenderness, making it difficult for them to deal with a relationship at a distance.

These 5 zodiac signs avoid long-distance relationships at all costs because they cannot stand to be spatially separated from their lovers in the long run.

1. Aries

(March 21st – April 20th)

Aries owes its passion and aggression to its ruling planet Mars .

They are impulsive and rely heavily on their instincts.

Those born in Aries are very impatient and hot-blooded, so that a love at a distance is unthinkable for them.

They can’t imagine not reaching out and touching their partner whenever they feel like it.

Long periods of separation from their partner can create frustration, and in the long run they would resent their partner for every little thing.

While Aries can be apart from the person they love for some time, it will likely be a rocky road if that takes too long.

Because they are argumentative and impulsive, they feel they are not up to such a challenge.

They would not be able to maintain a sense of closeness and intimacy so they would not even want to get involved.

2. Twins

(May 21st – June 21st)

For Gemini, a long-distance relationship might even be possible under certain conditions because they are communicative and sociable.

This is one of the most important requirements for a long distance relationship.

Geminis live from mental and physical interaction with their partner.

They are moody and can be dishonest at times, which is literally one of the worst combinations of traits in a long distance relationship. 

You are ruled by Mercury, which benefits virtual communication skills.

But physical distance is still a serious problem for the Gemini, because nothing can replace the daily cuddles and kisses.

They are happiest when they get a lot of attention and affection from their partner, and when they don’t, Gemini will not get angry, but get bored and lose interest quickly.

3. Leo

(July 23rd – August 23rd)

Leo-Born are also poor at long-distance relationships, and that relationship can end up badly.

They crave attention and always want all eyes to be on them, especially those of the partner.

Her dearest wish is to be pampered with affection and gifts from her partner.

But it is very difficult to give a Leo the undivided attention it needs and expects when you are not in its immediate vicinity. 

If the domineering and arrogant Leo doesn’t get what they want from their partner, they can become very unpredictable.

Therefore, they would not get involved in a long distance relationship even if they were madly in love.

4. Libra

(September 24th – October 23rd)

A long-distance relationship is also out of the question for this air sign.

Libra is happiest when with an equally passionate partner thanks to their connection with Venus, the planet associated with love.

Libra always strives for balance and harmony in their life, but they also want a lot of affection and moments of togetherness with their partner.

They need someone by their side who is fun-loving and shares their enthusiasm for life.

Because of this, a long distance relationship where they can’t hug their partner every day can lead to things being thrown out of whack, which the Libra cannot take well.

She loves to always have many people around her, so loneliness in her love relationship is a big problem for her.

They also tend to flirt frequently, so temptation lurks around every corner.

This leads to doubts on the part of the partner and if there is a lack of trust in a relationship, it can very easily break.

While they cannot help but flirt with other people, they quickly become jealous just thinking that their partner might do the same.

Therefore, a relationship at a distance is no easy game for a Libra.

5. Scorpio

(October 24th – November 22nd)

A long distance relationship is definitely not an option for this watermark.

There are two things Scorpio needs in their relationship and those are  loyalty and lots of physical contact – without these two, their relationships tend to falter quickly.

For them the motto “out of sight, out of mind” applies, and therefore the intimacy and love in relationships at a distance is unimaginable.

Through intimate touch, this emotional yet mysterious sign expresses what you feel and how much your partner means to you.

Even in a long-distance relationship, there are sometimes arguments and disagreements that need to be resolved verbally.

This is especially difficult for the unforgiving Scorpio because they find it difficult to express their feelings.

Without this option, Scorpio will feel both dissatisfied and insecure, which will bring out the jealous and possessive side of this sign.

The occasional Skype call won’t be enough for the Scorpio if that’s all they have available for an extended period of time. 


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