These are the 5 most loyal zodiac signs in astrology

Does your partner tend to cheat or is he more of a loyal sort? The stars tell you where you are from your partner.

It is not easy to find out whether your partner is really loyal. You could spy on him and check your cell phone regularly. But when you do something like that, you have to be quite pathologically jealous and addicted to control. 

Thanks to astrology, it is easier to find out whether your partner tends to cheat or whether you can trust him. The stars tell us which are the 5 most loyal zodiac signs. See for yourself!


The ibex is patient and loves to plan. He loves it when his life runs the way he imagines it. And no cheating fits into this attitude!

Capricorn loves stability, especially in a relationship. He realizes that success in any form requires hard work and determination, and so does his great love. The ibex is also not afraid to make sacrifices and to forego things. As always, when there are obstacles in a relationship, he has enough patience to sort things out.

He appreciates his partner very much. That is why he will hold on to him very well and certainly not risk anything. Capricorn has the ability to keep control and control over itself and to think clearly in delicate moments. For this reason, ibex tend not to be candidates for cheating.


Virgins are real dream partners. S*x is not too important to them and when they meet strangers they usually behave a bit cool. Virgins are also more likely to listen to what their minds tell them. This makes it one of the most loyal zodiac signs.

Virgins are empathetic, creative, and tend to intuitively understand and respond to others’ feelings and needs. They usually support their friends and family very much and are always ready to offer an open ear. Listening was practically in her cradle.

The benevolent virgin is also a wonderful partner. It is too conscientious to ever run on two tracks or to leave someone behind in unsafe conditions. The virgin will stay with you at all costs if she loves you, that much is certain!

3. Taurus

People with this zodiac are definitely not experts in love and often do not know exactly what they want in their lives. In return, they are very loyal and rarely cheat on their partners. And if a fuse blows with the bull, you usually notice his misconduct as a partner. This usually happens when the bull is s*xually frustrated.

The bull is very sensual. It lives on stability and is usually extremely reliable. He is a great planner and always looks ahead to tackle any issues he comes across, including barriers to his marriage or relationship.

Bulls are persistent, and people who love them should know that in particular. They are known to be the most loyal partners, and they pay special attention to who they love and who they spend their time with. Although they can sometimes be irritable, they will love their loved ones forever.


Scales want to keep everything fair and balanced, which makes them considered particularly faithful souls. If the Libra finds out she’s being cheated, she’ll turn the game around. Then it says the Same game for everyone! However, she will not inform her partner about it. 

However, as rulers of love and romance, scales tend to commit to their partners forever. However, what sometimes stands in their way is the combination of indecisiveness and vanity. In certain circumstances, this can be fatal to their relationships. Scales are capable of loving and fully committed. The only thing that matters is whether you find the right person or not.

This sign strives for peace and harmony because it naturally strives for justice and fairness. Scales are creative and diverse, and when difficulties arise in a relationship, the scales often flee to their own little world to regulate things. 


A happy and harmonious relationship is the absolute goal of cancer life. Accordingly, the partner will play an important role in the life of cancer. It is precisely from this that cancer will never want to give up its relationship for a fleeting turtle. Crayfish are people who take care of others and are there for their families and friends. 

Of all 12 signs, cancer is the zodiac sign that fights most for a safe and loving relationship. Cancer loves his home and the people he calls home. He is only happy when he has deep emotional ties to other people around him. He, therefore, takes good care of everyone close to his heart.


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