Lovesickness – surely everyone has had a broken heart in his life … Some people are hit more often than others because they always get wrong. This has nothing to do with bad luck, but could actually be due to the zodiac sign.

Because some zodiac signs tend to attract bad boys of all people who are not good for them – lovesickness is inevitable. These five zodiac signs should be particularly careful when choosing men, otherwise, they will fall in love with the wrong people according to the horoscope.

According to the horoscope: These 5 zodiac signs always fall in love with the wrong one


Twins are known for their volatility. But when they get involved with someone, it really does. They firmly believe that they have finally found Mr. Right and are happy to close their eyes to the bad qualities of their partner. In the worst case, love can even go as far as giving up on your own in twin-borns. Particularly tragic when your prince-fairy tale turns out to be a nasty toad and your heartbreaks. Sigh!


Even if you can’t imagine it with the freedom-loving Aquarius, he likes to be in a relationship and enjoys the feeling of security. Unfortunately, this is usually not long-lasting … Because Aquarians are fairly gullible and trust their partner blindly, they quickly get to the wrong person, who shamelessly exploits their good faith.


If there is a zodiac sign that is incredibly romantic, it is the fish. However, due to its emotional streak, the watermark always falls in love too quickly – and of all the wrong types. Thanks to their big heart, fish-born see only the good in people and therefore never lose faith in great love.


Cancer is also one of the most emotional and romantic under the zodiac signs. The watermark has been dreaming of great love since childhood and is constantly looking for it. Once cancer has finally found the supposed partner for life, only the relationship counts for him, he hides everything else. Unfortunately, his friends’ warnings, too, if cancer has come back to the wrong person.


The virgin is actually a very rational and reasonable person. But when it comes to love, she throws all her principles overboard. She quickly falls in love and can easily be dazzled by the facade of her dream boy. Unfortunately, she often comes across the wrong types, who are not that serious about her.


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