These 5 Stars signs are a living lie detector. You recognize every lie immediately.

They just have to look at you as you speak and they know instantly whether it’s a lie or the truth. There are certain zodiac signs that have almost an uncanny ability, namely to literally feel a lie.

They intuitively know what to look for in order to unmask a liar. Rapid blinking, avoiding eye contact or nervous and completely unnatural body language.

These things are completely harmless for normal people, but for these 5 zodiac signs are signs that someone is not being honest.

Often these people have many normal conversations with the alleged liars to see how they behave on trivial issues so that they can draw their conclusions later.

Some of these 5 zodiac signs are born with this intuitive ability to recognize when someone is lying, and others develop this ability from self-protection because they have been lied to again and again in life.

They have learned to unmask liars and know this ability for themselves but also for people who are important to them to protect them from liars.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs that are considered a lie detector.


Trying to lie to a virgin is like a suicide squad because it only hurts you in the end. You see through a person before he introduces himself.

They are a perfectly oiled machine and each gear meshes wonderfully with the next one around the clock. The Jungfrau is an analyst and loves to let her logical thinking run free, which leads to excellent results.

The moment you think you got away with your lie is the moment the virgin is one step ahead.

She also has an eye for detail so that nothing can escape her. The inexperienced liar will quickly notice that she has seen through him and get involved in contradictions and ultimately unmask herself.


Twins are masters of communication, nobody is more charming, humorous and more eloquent than them. And as soon as the twin notices a liar, he knows exactly what questions to ask to make the liar trip over it.

Not only does he know what questions to ask, but he is also good at pulling whatever information he needs out of his nose. Lying to the twin is not possible as long as it is not emotionally involved. Because emotions can also confuse the twin.


You don’t lie to a scorpion, it’s not for nothing that they are said to be the really best detectives. It usually doesn’t take long for a scorpion to feel something is wrong.

He is naturally curious and if he doesn’t find an answer, he does his research as if he were obsessed. If a liar is particularly brazen, this activates the detective part of his personality and then you can no longer escape him.

No matter how much time, energy and patience he has to find something, he will continue until he has all the answers that are necessary to unmask the liar.

If the scorpion unmasked the liar, that’s not all. He will enjoy and savor his victory at the expense of the unmasked liar. And anyone who knows the revenge of a scorpion knows that if the lie was to the detriment of the scorpion, he won’t leave the whole thing unencumbered.


The ibex is a very direct and rational person, sometimes too direct. Because of his sometimes almost emotionless behavior, people tend to dismiss him as uninterested, but far from it, he has everything in mind and analyzes everything in his head. The ibex is inherently skeptical and always careful.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to trust someone, but then 100%. The Capricorn only has to look someone in the eye when talking to know whether the spoken truth or a lie.

Maybe he’ll give you another chance to prove that it wasn’t a lie, but it will be very difficult to change a Capricorn.


Aquarius is usually considered intelligent and astute, which is probably why they unmask a liar relatively easily. Aquarians are attentive and pay attention to the smallest things.

If someone constantly answers questions with an Aquarius and immediately goes into avoidance, the suspicion that something is wrong immediately arises in Aquarius.

In contrast to most, Aquarius does not perceive lying as a personal insult, instead forgives and even laughs at the liar simply because he finds it amusing that anyone has even attempted to lie to him.


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