Some people rush head over heels into a marriage, even though they have not yet met their partner extensively. You just can not or do not want to wait with the marriage proposal. 

Do you also know such a couple that actually met only recently, but has now decided to enter into the bond of marriage? Are you more likely to be one of those people who want to marry soon, or are you more worried about the idea of ​​a wedding?

One thing is for sure – we are all different when it comes to marriage. Astrology says that this is due to the different personalities of the signs of the zodiac. Because that influences our behavior and our spontaneity. Depending on how adventurous or domestic the zodiac sign is, it will be more or less inclined to be hesitant about the subject of wedding application. 

There are 5 signs of the zodiac, which can not be done fast enough with the wedding. So what are the signs of the zodiac that no longer want to wait for the wedding, but rather want to jump in right away? We’ll tell you!


Lions are very loving people. If you know someone with this sign, you probably can not find a reason not to love him. The lion may be a bit introverted, but in fact he falls in love so fast that he can not wait for the wedding anymore. He wants to have that person by his side with him forever. That is why he sees marriage as the perfect way to bind this man to himself.

However, the lion often has the problem that he falls in love with the wrong people. He is so engrossed by his infatuation that he makes ill-considered decisions, which he often regrets afterwards. 


Aries love adventure and pursue their goals at all costs. They are self-confident people who always know what they want. But as they are sometimes a bit reckless, they rush very quickly in relationships and even in marriages. Aries are rather less romantic and therefore make the marriage proposal in their own rather practical way.

For some people that may be surprising, but the ram falls in love pretty quickly. A ram strives for novelty and loves exciting experiences. No wonder he is looking for a marriage like the absolute kick. He can not get enough of the falling in love. However, the ram will lean back after the end of this phase and be afraid of responsibility.


Cancer people are often very caring and can empathize with other people. Above all, they pursue the goal of having a family sometime in their lives. Once the cancer has made that wish in the head, it can not do otherwise than to pursue it. Therefore, cancers do not shy away from making the first step quickly. 

They also fall in love very quickly and very easily. Cancer is a person who is very in touch with their emotions and is very attracted to such experiences (like marriage). The cancer feels animated. And though he has been injured in the past, it does not stop him from waiting any longer for the marriage proposal.


Fish can be complicated people when it comes to love. Nevertheless, they are among the zodiac signs that tend to marry as quickly as possible. If you’re just a fishman, you might know what I’m talking about. People with this zodiac sign are loving and very romantic. They are known to be super caring and gentle, and they really care about their loved ones. 

Because of this, other people easily fall in love with them, regardless of whether they have the same sign or not. However, if you are not a fish but are with one, you can expect it to be complicated and confusing most of the time, and it’s just confusing when it comes to love. 

The fish tends to make hasty decisions, such as making a marriage proposal to his partner whom he met three months ago. He can not help himself because he is simply overwhelmed by his emotions.


Twins are looking for movement and new things in life. They need the variety to breathe. The twin is often unsure what he intends or what he will do in the next moment. He is very jumpy and can suddenly make his partner a marriage proposal, although he recently wanted to separate.

Twins are so busy finding themselves that sometimes they have no clear line in life to pursue. They have a pronounced social life and are very popular because of their funny and magical nature. However, it is true that the twin does not know exactly who he is and what he wants. 

For that reason, one should not always take his hasty decisions so seriously. Give the twin time to reconsider his decision.

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