These 5 star signs should stay single in 2020 rather single.


These 5 star signs should stay single in 2020 rather single.

What did the stars plan for your love life in 2020? Should you use the first chance to get into a relationship or just stay single? Well, if you belong to one of these 5 zodiac signs, then you’d better stay single, if you want to know why, then let the article finish.


The first sign of the zodiac that should definitely stay away from love in 2020 is Capricorn. There is a lot going on in your life right now and you literally do not know where you want to go or where life is taking you.

You feel that both your heart and mind are a big mess and it seems like no matter which direction or decision you make it is the wrong one. What that means, you know, you know, it means you should not enter into a relationship because your life does not leave room and space for it right now.

Your long-forgotten ex could possibly report next year and suggest you a new beginning and your first impulse could be to give him another chance but after careful consideration you will reject it because you are simply satisfied with your single life. After all, you have been waiting for him for a long time and nothing came of it, which is why you have learned to live on your own in the meantime.

The year 2020 should be the year in which you should do the best to free your mind and heart and take care of yourself a little bit more. Do not put yourself under pressure, because then you make the best decisions.


If born in the sign of the fish, then for your own good, you should refrain from a relationship. You’ve been through a lot lately and carry a lot of emotional stuff around with you.

Even if you do not want to admit it, but this little package that you carry around with you is already a big burden for you and your soul. This package will not disappear as if by magic, it takes all its time, so in 2020 you should focus on getting rid of this ballast.

Instead of jumping into the next best relationship, use the year 2020 to reflect on you and your life, because that’s what your tired soul needs.

Sure, a relationship can be both beautiful and reassuring, but it can also mean drama and a headache and so you should stay alone. It is time for you to find out what you really need in life, only then you are ready for a relationship.

Ignore your fears and doubts and take your life into your own hands. Solutions to your problems will not just go down and a relationship will never be an escape from your reality. Listen to your heart and your intuition and I promise you that you will make the right decision for your future.


You are a very emotional soul and your heart is hurt more often than you really want to admit. For this reason, the year 2020 should be seen as a “break from love life” for you. The year 2020 should be a year of healing for you.

Ignore the people who tell you time and again that it is time your heartbreak to leave behind you and put yourself into it back into the dating world should . Do not forget that lovesickness and pain are no shame and nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of looking at that as your weakness, you should consider that much more than a strength of yours. Because who stands by his feelings, he is a truly strong personality.


Let’s be honest, you have tried to compromise with certain people more than enough times just to keep the peace between you. Often enough, you come halfway to meet people and put your needs behind them. But in 2020 you will be much better off without these things.

The year 2020 will be the turning point in your life, where you stop investing all your energy into other people or to improve the lives of others, but in 2020 you will focus more on yourself.

You do not want to have to rebuild your own life, just so that certain people stay with you. Why you prefer to stay single in the year 2020?


If you were born in the Scorpio zodiac, then you are one of those people who will maintain their peaceful single life in 2020.

There is a great opportunity to get to know someone better in 2020, but that does not mean that this person will suit you. Be careful and do not confuse pleasure with true love.

As much as you are attracted to this person, trust your gut feeling, because this will tell you that this acquaintance has no future. Do not be afraid to tell this person clearly that you believe it would be better to go separate ways. And that you are not the type to jump headfirst into a relationship.

That’s why you should stay single in 2020. Your peace is just too important to you.

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