Breakups are not fun for everyone involved. Even if you are totally relieved to banish that person from your life, it does not make separation easier.

We all deal with separations differently. Some of us are superior at it than others. While some of us have a knack for staying friends with our ex-partners, not everyone is capable of doing so.

It is not impossible to be friends with the ex-boyfriend, the ex-girlfriend, the ex-husband or the ex-wife. But it is not for everyone to be friends with the same person you used to sleep with.

For those of us who fall into this particular category of people, it is especially hard to build a friendship with that person. Much more, they see the remaining friendship with the ex as a ticking time bomb of complications, just waiting for it to explode. Jealous of new relationships and possible difficult moments of the reunion are just some of the ways in which it can be uncomfortable to be friends with your ex.

There’s a reason to split up, right? We part from this human being and that’s it. Why should we still be friends? How will our future partners react after learning that we are still friends with our ex?   You never know how people will react.

Astrology can tell us which zodiacs are the least likely to be friends with an ex and why. Not every sign of the zodiac has the same reasons why they see no relationship to friendship after their relationship. 

Maybe you are just going through a breakup and want to know why your former partner does not see any possibility for a remaining friendship between you two.

If you are curious about how you, or the people you really know, feel when it comes to staying friends with the ex-partner, read on below. I have listed the 6 zodiac signs for you that are least likely to be friends with their ex.


Lions love to be worshiped. Why in the world should they stay here to see their ex worshiping someone else? If you are a lion then you should not make friends with your ex-partner. When you become both friends, you will inevitably find out about your ex’s new relationships. Unfortunately, you are also the star sign that has none of it.

Another reason why you should not be friends with an ex? Your wayward personality. If your ex did something wrong, you can not let them both remain friends. Yes, maybe he apologizes to you, but if you do not, you two could never be friends. Your pride is too big for that.


You can not help but be jealous. This helps neither in relationships nor when it comes to being friends with an ex. You are a passionate person, which is great but can also lead to jealousy.

Because of this, you just can not make friends with the concept of knowing the new people your ex will eventually run out with. How would you two ever be able to maintain a friendship if you are constantly disappointed with these new love interests? It just will not work.


As a Capricorn, you are unforgiving and also a know-it-all. These qualities are not exactly complimentary when it comes to maintaining a friendship after separation. If he broke your heart, you do not forgive or forget.

Even if the separation is not entirely the fault of the other, the know-it-all in you will seek blame elsewhere. This means that if you two can not come to an agreement, you will never be able to remain friends.


You are a pretty distant zodiac sign. If there were marathons where you could run away from your feelings, you would consistently break time records. You are most passive when it comes to breaking up with someone. Honestly, you will not care much about being friends with your ex.

It’s not that you absolutely reject the idea of ​​having a friendship with your ex, but that you’re not bothering to make an effort. In particular, the friendship with an ex can mean a lot of effort for both sides. If you are not ready to cover your share, any kind of friendship will come to an end quickly.


As a ram, you like competitions. You’re not interested in staying friends with an ex, because you’re more focused on competing with him to see who’s better off in the end. Sure, you do not mind that he has access to your social media to stay up to date on the most important events in your life.

To hang out as friends, however, is too confidential. True friendship is not about competing with each other, and you could not resist it and would try to beat your ex.

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