These 5 pairs of zodiac signs have the most painful separation

Breaking up is painful and stressful, and after the initial shock we come to a state of pain in which we accept that we have lost something and are sad.

Then the first phase of grief after an emotional loss begins, followed by a phase of depression in which we allow ourselves to calmly process our feelings for a while.

Grief as a natural process that follows loss helps us bring the pain we feel and what we force through negative feelings into a state of peace, and we will only experience peace if we do accept the loss.

The grief after a breakup can be long-lasting, so sometimes it seems like months or even years have passed without your emotional state having changed significantly.

When there is a breakup, in most cases there is also a specific reason one party is suffering more.

Sometimes certain pairs of zodiac signs are even a guarantee that the breakup will be extremely painful if the relationship itself breaks up.

Whereby, if you were one of these 5 Zodiac Sign Couples and broke up, you will definitely agree with how much pain you experienced after a breakup.

1. Aries and Pisces

When Aries and Pisces come together, there is a wonderful bond of differences.

The rough and direct Aries is absolutely infatuated with the warm and gentle fish and sees in them something valuable to protect.

On the other hand, the kind and sensitive Pisces are amazed to have the attention and devotion of someone as mesmerizing and strong as Aries.

They also envy him for his expressive nature and ability to move through life without caring about what others think of him.

Whereby the Pisces are completely different in this regard and always care about how they are perceived by others.

They want to be loved by everyone, but actually don’t want to belong to anyone, which annoys the Aries zodiac sign, which is very possessive.

The moment they realize that they can no longer keep fish to themselves, their armor also falls apart.

And they realize that it was the Pisces who were in control of their emotions all along, and not the other way around.

Indeed, these zodiac signs have a very strong attraction at the beginning, close to a real life fantasy, but their differences usually lead to the end of the relationship.

Whereby the end will be infinitely sad for both parties, since Pisces are very sure that they have left Aries and because Aries are very sure that they loved Pisces more than anything else in life, which makes them sad and forever makes you bitter.

2. Aquarius and Scorpio

Scorpio and Aquarius are a pair of zodiac signs that exert an incredible power of attraction.

After all, both zodiac signs are considered to be the most exciting in the entire zodiac, so it’s no wonder that they can create a completely different world together.

Filled with lots of new experiences, experiences and an intense passion that fuel the whole relationship again and again.

Additionally, Aquarius is only ever interested in the person they are with, which accommodates Scorpio’s possessive nature and need for control.

Unfortunately, this control is still the main reason for the breakup of the relationship between these two zodiac signs.

As an air sign, Aquarius doesn’t really like to be in one place and to be limited in one’s ability to experience life.

What Scorpio influences because he doesn’t like the idea that his beloved Aquarius is alone somewhere where others can take him away.

So they control where they go out and who they have as friends, because that way nobody can have them but them.

This is something that becomes very tiresome for Aquarius after a while, so they use different tricks to fool Scorpio.

What Scorpio finally finds out and, after his trust has been abused, turns away from him forever, even if he misses Aquarius forever afterwards.

3. Lion and Pisces

The relationship that the zodiac sign Leo and Pisces can form is very similar to that of Aries and Pisces, but different.

As a fire sign colleague, Leo is immediately drawn to the gentle nature and sensitivity of the Pisces, but also has little or no respect for their inconsistency.

Because lions are very mature and strong-willed, they are rarely drawn to flaky and unstable partners, but fish are an exception.

Because next to them they feel somehow safe and different than with anyone else they have been with before.

To them, you may not be the most attractive or desirable person on the planet, but you certainly are the most lovable.

Where, while lying next to you or in your arms, will make you feel happiest than ever before in your life.

So happy and fulfilled that it becomes almost inexplicable to her how someone so harmless could become so destructive to her.

Because, after experiencing this type of love, they are afraid that without it they will no longer be able to live.

And where they can only imagine starting a family with him and building a good future, no matter how difficult it will be.

This is why their breakup is one of the most difficult because both parties feel that they have lost what they wanted most in life.

4. Libra and Taurus

Libra and Taurus are a very interesting pairing and one that holds both great passion and anger.

After all, Libra is one of the most desirable signs of the entire zodiac, while Taurus is the most loyal.

Whereby Taurus sees Libra as its absolutely perfect partner, and on the other hand Libra never really only has eyes for them.

They love meeting as many new people as possible, but they are never really loyal to each of them.

So while they are Taurus’s dream partner because of their looks, wealth, and ability to please them, emotionally they are all Taurus doesn’t want.

What the zodiac sign Libra becomes aware of at an early age is why they leave Taurus, who loves them more than anything else.

Somehow, even if they can’t live up to their expectations, Taurus foolishly believes that they will change and come back to be loyal to them forever.

Which will never happen, as the Libra zodiac sign can never be pushed back into something that they have finally left.

They know they made the right choice because they can never be what Taurus imagines they to be.

That is why their relationship is usually toxic and leads to one of the most painful breakups, especially for Taurus, who will never forget the passionate Libra.

5. Cancer and Gemini

Cancer and Gemini are a balanced couple who have great potential.

After all, the talkative and interesting twins always manage to impress the Cancer, who respects them very much.

While the Cancer also loves how to have interesting and in-depth conversations with the Gemini without being judged.

Somehow they love that the twins don’t see their kindness and sensitivity as a weakness, but rather as a rare asset.

This causes the twins to fall in love with them and make them their preferred company.

Because nobody feels as inviting and warm as your precious and lovable Cancer partner.

With him they have the feeling that they can get through anything with him and that they can rely on him if something bad happens.

This is why they find it extremely difficult to break up, creating trust problems for both parties and the inability to love someone again without fear.

Because originally they believed that nothing could pull them apart, but something unexpected happened anyway.

Which proves that, as a rule, those who ultimately disappoint us the most are those who are closest to us.


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