These 4 zodiac signs have the best humor of all

We all have at least one friend who is a natural entertainer. Hanging out with a funny friend is always a great thing because she always has funny stories in the store that make you laugh. Maybe she is super sarcastic and can find irony in everything. Whatever her humor is, she always knows what to say or do to make you laugh.

Some zodiac signs are inherently funnier than others. If you are one of the funny zodiac signs, your humor not only affects your surroundings but also your own mood.

These 4 zodiac signs are the funniest of all:

The Gemini – He makes jokes with ease

A twin will always have the funniest things to say. He has clever jokes up his sleeve and he has the most suitable word games for every situation. Is there someone more entertaining than a twin? Even the tensest and conservative people have to laugh at them. They are the kind of people who are so funny that they don’t even have to try to be funny. You are easy. Sometimes a twin is rightly confused as to why everyone always laughs when they do the simplest things. For a twin, his view of life just feels normal, but for everyone else, what he just said is the funniest thing they’ve heard all day. 

If you’re telling a story to a twin, he’ll likely have some funny comments to add. He can easily see the humor in situations where others don’t, and his jokes usually always make an entire room laugh.

The Pisces – it has something for every taste

A fish can find humor in many different situations. He’ll point out little things that make you laugh, and no matter how much you resist, a fish will always make you laugh. If you see him in public, he’ll do things you never expected him to do. But they are extremely funny. A fish is incredibly creative and you can tell that from its humor. He notices humor in little things that can make almost everyone smile.

What makes him so funny is that he can always see the humor in detail that others can’t see straight away. Hanging out with a fish is always a fun time because it just has a great sense of humor and is always on point. With his carefree manner, he will sweep others away so that they can never have enough of him. The fish also has great empathy and can easily adapt to other people’s humor. There is really something for every taste.

Aquarius – His jokes are not only funny but also intelligent

Do you know this person who always makes the sharpest and most intelligent joke and who you envy for their eloquence? There is a big chance that this person is an Aquarius. Though he may not have the most obvious sense of humor that automatically attracts attention, Aquarians are the kind of people who make the right remark at the right moment when everyone is rolling on the floor laughing. This quick wit is really extremely rare. For this reason, most people celebrate the humor of the watermen. The best part of it is that Aquarians don’t care if others find them funny. For her, her sense of humor is the daily companion that makes her life easier.

Leo – The absolute sole entertainer

Do you know this uncomfortable moment when everyone thinks something but nobody is brave enough to just step forward and say it? If a lion is in the room, it will. A lion likes to push his jokes to the limit and he never stops wondering whether he is going too far with his joke or whether he should save his humor for later. Lions frankly don’t have a filter when they speak, and if they think of something funny, you can bet the whole room knows about it. Her raw, blunt and brutally honest sense of humor cannot be surpassed by anyone. 

In addition, lions mainly use their brilliant humor to attract the attention of others. And they do it pretty well! You don’t need any other means than your own imagination. That is why they are extremely good solo entertainers. That’s because he’s so fascinating to look at and has no problem standing on stage. As you can imagine, the stage is the best place for someone with a great sense of humor. A lion can make the whole room laugh. So why not take the stage? While many of us are too embarrassed to do something ridiculous, a lion has no problem with it, and that’s why it’s so funny.


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