These 4 zodiac signs have a hard time letting people into their hearts

There are people who can open up quickly and let others into their hearts. Others, on the other hand, need a particularly long time before they are ready to open fully. Not everyone is like an open book and not everyone tells everything directly about himself or reveals everything about himself.

You may even know people who are constantly sharing unnecessary information about themselves. Some things you just might not want to know, but they’ll tell you about them anyway. Then there are people you know nothing about, even though you have known them for a long time. 

Of course, people are not worse or better. Everyone is the way they are. There is nothing wrong with keeping things to yourself and there is nothing wrong with being talkative and open. Sometimes openness is seen as a weakness. Because for some people it means that you are easily attackable. But it’s also not a mistake to hold back and not want to share certain information about yourself with anyone.

These qualities can develop, for example, based on experiences that we have had in our lives, or they are simply inherent in us from the start. In order to maintain friendships or relationships, however, it can be an advantage if you occasionally lower your walls and open yourself. Because people can understand you better this way. 

So it depends on how much the person standing in front of you is ready to open up. Of course, you can never tell this person when they will open up to you. But the zodiac sign can tell us a lot about whether a person tends to be open with other people or is more closed. If you want to know which signs of the zodiac have a hard time letting someone into your heart, then you should read on.


Virgins are among the hardest to crack. Many people would do anything to be in the spotlight and draw everyone’s attention. A virgin will hate this though. She is a shy personality who cannot stand it when all eyes are on her.

For this reason, the virgin will need a lot of time to feel so comfortable with someone that she will open up to him. She will keep her feelings to herself and avoid verbally expressing them. So if you want a virgin by your side, you have to be patient and gradually gain her trust.


Scorpions are known to be mysterious and to keep things to themselves. That’s why nobody really knows anything about these people. Or you think you know something about these people, but suddenly you realize that there is something you didn’t know about them. Because it is not uncommon for a scorpion to surprise the people around it with a completely new side.

Nevertheless, scorpions are generally very expressive and talk a lot. They just don’t talk much about themselves. This confuses people because most are used to everyone wanting to talk about themselves. You have to be very careful if you want to be with a scorpion. Because scorpions register everything in their head during a conversation and usually remember every detail.

If you want a scorpion to open up to you, try to give it the same attention. Keep your ears open and just try to listen quietly. The scorpion will notice and appreciate this. His trust will grow stronger and he will ultimately trust you.


Aquarians long for romantic experiences and always want to be entertained. But for many people, they seem cold and distant. They actually have a hard shell, but a softcore slumber in them. If you have an Aquarius in your life, you have probably noticed that he wants to be heard, but doesn’t know how to express himself. In fact, he is particularly afraid of being judged by other people. As soon as he wants to open up, his doubts and thoughts thwart his plans.

These people think that if they show themselves as they are, they will have no friends anymore. That’s why you have to open yourself up to an Aquarius first if you want it to open up. If he notices that someone is showing himself vulnerable, he will lose his inhibitions and deal with it more relaxed.


Fish are extremely sensitive and empathetic by nature. But they don’t let others into their hearts quickly. You can listen well and always have a shoulder to cry on. Even so, fish will not talk about their own emotions and feelings unless they are sure that this person is absolutely trustworthy.

They are afraid of being treated cruelly and therefore do not want to show themselves to be vulnerable. They think that they might be disappointed or that someone could take advantage of them. If a fish ever opens up to you, you can be sure that you are a very special person for him.


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