These 4 zodiac signs fight for a relationship much longer than they should.

These 4 zodiac signs fight for a relationship much longer than they should.


You are a healer. An empath and you love to see others happy. You like to take care of other people, especially those you love. Your well-being is more important to you than your own. This is also the reason why you often find yourself in toxic relationships and why you have great difficulty in letting go of them.

You don’t want to let anyone down, just as you don’t want to blame anyone for pain. If you feel like someone needs you, you’re there. You cannot leave anyone who loves to be loved by you.

Too much worry floating around in your head about what they would do without you if you left. You wonder if they could do without your help, so you usually stay much longer than you should. You struggle for a relationship much longer than you should because you think it’s the right thing to do right now. You feel obliged to save the person you love.


You are a stubborn person who does not want to admit that he was wrong with someone. You hate the thought of leaving someone in whom you have invested a lot of energy, nerves and time. You don’t want to admit to yourself that you have wasted so much time with the wrong person.

You don’t see yourself as someone who gives up something lightly. You see yourself much more as a fighter, which is why you do everything in your power to keep a relationship going. You will make sacrifices if necessary so as not to have to give up a relationship that you believe has potential.

You would do anything to save a relationship, but at some point, you also come to the point where you have to come to terms with the fact that it just doesn’t work. True love is out of your control and you cannot force or change reality. But you usually struggle for a relationship longer than you should.


You always see only the good in people. Your kind, gentle and forgiving heart just can’t help it. You give people a second, third, and fourth chance because you sincerely believe that they will really change and learn from their mistakes.

Unfortunately, you are often too nice and always give people who have not deserved another chance, who of course do not use it. You don’t allow others to take you seriously because you make them feel like they can do what they want with you. The belief that everything will be fine in the end is simply too strong for you.

You trust that people will see their mistakes and will start treating you as you deserve it. But not everyone has a heart as you have, but sooner or later you will realize that there are relationships that are simply not meant to be. You are one of those people who cannot just give up love like that, which is why you always fight for a relationship longer than is really necessary.


You are one of those people who find it difficult to open up to others, but if you do then you will easily fall in love. As soon as you let someone into your heart, you don’t want to let it out so easily. You do not know the meaning of “temporary” at all, which is why you take all your relationships in your life so seriously, even when you are with the wrong person.

You are the type of person who loves the idea of ​​love. The fact that a relationship works is very important to you because a separation always goes to your heart and breaks you every time. Which is why you always hold on to a relationship for a long time. You lie to yourself and tell yourself that it will somehow work, even if you already know deep down that this relationship has no future. This is why you struggle for a relationship much longer than you should.


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