These 4 zodiac signs can’t stand Halloween 

October 31st is Halloween! In Germany too, this evening before All Saints’ Day is celebrated more and more. Supermarkets and bakeries decorate their shop windows with cobwebs and pumpkins and give us a creepy flair.

The children, in particular, are looking forward to this festival and prepare themselves for this evening in eerie costumes to move from house to house and collect sweets. But more and more adults are celebrating the occasion, for example at Halloween parties.

And although this festival is becoming increasingly popular in Germany, there are still some people who do not want to celebrate this tradition. It is very difficult for them to get into a scary mood and they cannot really get into frightening costumes.

According to the horoscope, there are 4 signs of the zodiac that just can’t stand Halloween and all its customs and traditions. Here you are:

1. Aries

The first in the league is the ram. He doesn’t like Halloween very much and is reluctant to do so. Aries doesn’t really understand why people love Halloween so much. Aries find that things can quickly go wrong at a party like this and that it is easy to lose control of the situation. You should know that this zodiac sign belongs to the fire signs and can quickly be irritated by little things. The terrifying costumes, the creepy buffet, and the lavish parties can get on the Aries’ nerves quickly, so they prefer to avoid this holiday and not get carried away by the exuberant and crazy atmosphere.

Thanks to your hot-headed and extremely impulsive nature, your Halloween experience will lead to a major headache at the end of the night, dear Aries. A little more patience would really go a long way in your case. You always know how to make an appearance with your bloody face-paint and exaggerated costume ideas, but you also know how to turn a mosquito into an elephant.

2. Cancer

Cancer will only be able to get enthusiastic about this festival to a limited extent. Cancers do not like large crowds where people roam the streets like crazy and scare others. They prefer to be in the company of a few friends or family. Cancers are sensitive and always prefer to have a nice relaxing evening in pajamas on the couch and watch a movie instead of wild and boisterous with loud music and partying. But not only that – because horror costumes are not suitable for cancer either. He prefers to spend his time under the covers and relax.

Halloween isn’t necessarily your scene, Cancer unless it’s a little Halloween party with all of your closest friends. But it doesn’t hurt to go out and get some fresh air every now and then. And if it’s only a few hours – you won’t regret it!

3. Virgo

A Virgo detests Halloween because she doesn’t like to lose control. She is a perfectionist and finds spontaneous situations, in which unexpected things can occur, terrible. It has no appeal for her, it is more that she perceives a certain disorder, and that stresses her tremendously. Virgos are more likely to be found at home on Halloween. In addition, Halloween costumes are completely tasteless and anything but elegant in their eyes.

It’s not that you hesitate to celebrate Halloween or dress up, it’s the thought that you really are completely opposed to it. Borders are nice. If you can’t feel it, that’s totally understandable. Instead, make your own comfort a priority this year. Your friends know you deserve it. They know where to find you and that’s fine too. You can’t force someone to have fun, and if they don’t enjoy it, nobody benefits anyway.

4. Capricorn

The dutiful Capricorn usually has a clear goal in mind. He is busy doing serious business most of his life and therefore has a bad reputation. This reputation is particularly evident in celebrations such as Halloween. For the Capricorn, this festival is only for children and not an option for them. He would never be able to put on a ridiculous costume and enjoy this holiday in it. For others, Capricorns seem to be real mood killers, but they don’t feel that way themselves. They love traditions and follow the customs, but they are not friends of crazy parties and exuberant parties with colorful costumes. 

For a Capricorn, everyone has to grow up at some point. Capricorns are a great fit for boss positions and are eager to fight for the things they really want to achieve. So it’s no wonder that a Capricorn sits at his desk and works late on Halloween. To him, everything feels like an investment and like a true sacrifice of his precious time. Some may challenge him to do so and say that he is too lazy for Halloween or that he cannot pull himself up. For him, this festival is just “kindergarten” and a waste of time.



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