These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Review Drama Queens

These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Review Drama Queens


Aries is the zodiac sign that needs drama like it needs air. When things get hot and scraps fly, then a ram is not far away. They always have to have the last word and they demand their respect everywhere.

Aries believes they are special and should be adored. When Aries wants to have fun, the last thing they want around is someone in a bad mood. In such situations, he shows his true colors and you should avoid him.


Geminis can get really mean when the people they care about aren’t behaving the way they’d like. He is a very emotional zodiac sign who tends to be a very busy drama queen when things don’t go the way Gemini would like.

When friends or family try to convince Gemini that he is wrong about something, he bursts out and drama and misery ensue.

Only those who have known Gemini for a long time will remain loyal to them because they know that Gemini is not a bad person at heart. To strangers, Gemini may seem like a selfish and toxic drama queen. People who don’t know Gemini very well will quickly run away when they have their “5 minutes” again.


The lion is a truthful, drama queen. He likes to be the center of attention, and if someone else tries to take that spot from him, he’ll bare his claws and become a beast.

The lion not only pretends to be the king of the jungle, he really behaves like one and lives by the motto “It’s as I want it or not at all!” This makes the lion really hard for outsiders to deal with and Establishes a conversation with him that sometimes has nothing to do with himself. Only people with really strong nerves can deal with the lion.


Scorpios love it when everything is the way they want it to be. And should he sense that someone disrespects him, he will unleash his sting and he is not afraid to stab.

He can’t keep his mouth shut, so he speaks out whatever he thinks. This can deter others, as Scorpio can feel and address others’ weaknesses. Anyone who messes with a scorpion can count on being punished by him. Even if it takes years, he’ll get back at you. That makes him dangerous but also the greatest drama queen.


These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Review Drama Queens


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