For some, a very bad idea is totally fine for others, we’re talking about being single . Because who does not know the pitiful and surprised looks when you say that you are completely happy with your single life? Even the stars have now proven that there are exactly four zodiac signs that are much happier as a single. We’ll tell you what these are here.

These 4 zodiac signs are happier as a single

1) Gemini

A single twin is super happy! That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to be in a relationship, but if he can do what he wants, he’ll live happier. Because for him a relationship means restrictions and a certain degree of commitment, but the twin wants fun and carefree. Twins are also very volatile, one day they adore their partner, the other they need their freedom again. Taking care of your partner’s needs is also tough for twins. He lives best when he is responsible for his own life and happiness.

2) Sagittarius

Actually, shooters like being on data and in a relationship . As long as they are in charge. This does not mean that they want to control their partner, on the contrary. As soon as their partner clings to them too much and the relationship becomes more serious, they get cold feet and realize that they are simply not ready for a partnership. What makes shooters happiest is doing what they want, without any restrictions.

3) Aquarius

Aquarius is a born single because he loves to be independent. Of course, it can also happen that he has a closer relationship with someone, but only if it fits him 100 percent. Aquarius also doesn’t crave intimacy and closeness as much as other zodiac signs. If he needs affection, he gets it from his friends or family. For Aquarius, his own time is very important, which is why he likes to have a guilty conscience when he wants to be alone. That’s why his single life makes him happiest.

4) Virgo

Virgins are very picky when it comes to relationships. They have a very specific idea of ​​what their partnership should look like. As soon as your partner does not fully meet your criteria, black clouds appear. They’d rather be single and wait for Mr. Right than to be with someone who doesn’t suit them. So long they make a happy single life and enjoy their perfectly organized life.


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