There are people who have no problem showing their emotions and usually do. But there are also people who prefer to hide their feelings of being weak for fear of being weak. This behavior looks particularly similar to the following four zodiac signs:


Aquarius has feelings, that’s for sure! But he can rarely talk about his feelings and usually tries to hide them – regardless of whether they are positive or negative emotions. Because watermen often feel too little about themselves and it is very difficult for them to express their emotions literally. 

In addition, Aquarius has a feel for who he can trust enough and whom he can share his true feelings with. Others will never see this side of him. He is basically friendly and sociable when you meet him. He might even want to hang out with you. But only people closest to him will ever see his true feelings.

It is incredibly difficult to know whether you have reached your inner being because although he is very kind to you and also talks to you about certain things, he does not reveal everything about himself. When it comes to sharing these hidden feelings with someone, you should know Aquarius very well. Because often it looks like he’s open to everyone, which is not true.


The ram is very impulsive and spontaneous. He wants to live his life in the fast lane and doesn’t even think about dealing with his emotions. Outsiders, therefore, have problems grasping the ram emotionally. He seems almost untouchable to her. 

The ram also knows how to control his feelings very well. That’s why he’s not afraid to let her out if he feels that it will help him in his situation.

Of course, he won’t shout, cry or say what he feels, but you understand what I mean. It is quite difficult to ignore an Aries, but when it really wants you to listen to it, it becomes emotional.

He likes to be as honest as possible when it comes to his personality and true self. It, therefore, seems helpful to him to express his feelings at the right time.

Of course, there will also be times when he is just too angry and takes a while to come back down.   But these moments are pretty rare. He will really only express himself fully when needed and try to hold his emotions back most of the time.


The shooter has a very strong effect on his surroundings. He is generally thought of as a tough person who can not easily bring to his knees.   He often doesn’t convey his problems to the outside world, so you almost never know how he really is. He acts as if he would only let a few people approach him.

But when he expresses his feelings, he can be intimidating to others. That is his true authentic self, which he really shows very rarely. However, he does not want to destroy the image of his strong personality and therefore deals with such moments very sparingly.

He believes that outbursts of emotion make him look weak. Especially with strangers, he wants to keep his emotions hidden as much as possible. When he is with friends, it is, of course, easier for him to express his feelings and his true self. That is why he opens himself up to his friends whenever necessary.


The virgin is a professional at hiding his feelings unless there is a good reason not to. But that’s not often the case. She would rather keep his feelings to herself than to share her personal life with the public.

She doesn’t do this because she feels that people don’t listen to her or don’t care when she shows her emotions, but because she’s just too busy in her life to caring about it take care of.

The Virgin will only open up to others if she considers it absolutely necessary. By virgin standards, this means that she will only do that in the worst of situations. Because she is very busy in her life and often has more important things to do than talking to someone and sharing her feelings.

The virgin tends to bury her feelings deeply. This is the easiest way for them to deal with internal injuries. 

These were the four zodiac signs that show their feelings as little as possible. By the way, there are also zodiac signs that are particularly emotional and show this. 

The zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer often show their emotions and are therefore considered highly sensitive zodiac signs. It is rather difficult for them to hide their feelings.


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