These 3 zodiac signs leave a bad impression on the first date, but it is deceptive.

How a date will go often depends on the first impression. For some people, making a great first impression is really easy. These people may have a lot of confidence and charm so that first few meetings go off without a hitch. But for others, this initial barrier can be a little more difficult to overcome. While they are potentially amazingly good partners in the long run, they aren’t always the best at showing their best side from the start.

The problem with some people is that they open up to people a little slowly, making them seem cold or distant. Others can be a little too intense and affectionate without even realizing it.   According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs that often leave a bad impression on the first date. If you want to find out which ones they are and why, you should read on now:

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Cancer has a huge heart and a particularly good empathy. This watermark loves to be loyal and loving and that makes him an incredible partner. However, whether or not he makes a good first impression on the date really depends on his mood – because we all know that cancer often has mood swings. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, you can make a great first impression if you feel safe and optimistic about that day, because in that moment you know your true worth and just feel good about yourself. However, when your mood is a little more negative, the other side of you comes out. This moody side also shows a part of you, but you could actually scare the other person away,

Cancer, deep down, takes care of everyone and everything around them. And of course, when someone is as sensitive as Cancer, the rejection cuts deeply. As a result, Cancer feels the need to protect its heart until it knows it is safe to show its softer side. While this is an effective tactic to avoid getting injured, it can be interpreted as cold or dissatisfied even on a first date. That’s why every now and then, Cancer makes a bad first impression on their first date because they are just insecure deep down and shut down.


Dating an Aries can be a fun adventure as this fire sign is full of passion. It has the turn to experience every moment to the fullest. If you belong to this zodiac sign, you are particularly positive and have a natural optimism that is contagious. People around you admire you for your euphoria and joy. However, all this excitement and intensity doesn’t always make the best impression on the first date. It could be that the other person thinks that you are putting on a show or that you are too arrogant. If they don’t know you well, you might scare others off with your overly positive demeanor – strange as it may sound.

Aries can be aggressive when it comes to chasing what interests them, so they can step a little too heavily when they have something or someone in their sights. They are used to getting what they want because they have strong willpower. But dating often requires an easier approach and if the Aries tries too hard to convince the other person, it will not go unnoticed. This behavior could seem a bit affectionate or it could make the other person wonder whether there is something fishy about the matter.


For a character as critical – and most importantly, self-critical – as Virgo, first dates can be a real challenge. If your zodiac sign is Virgo, then of course you want to make a good first impression. You really want to do it perfectly because you have high standards for yourself. You tend to get caught up in your head and rethink things too hard. This is why it is next to impossible to just relax and be your authentic self. As a result, others may perceive you as unkind, aloof, or even snobbish, when in fact you just want to do your best. You want to appear calm and collected inside, but you try too hard that you produce the opposite.

This is a shame because Virgo has a lot of love to give and could have a super fun date if she relaxed enough to be herself. She really has an excellent, often self-deprecating, sense of humor and also enjoys taking care of the people in her life. If you’re going to be dating a Virgo and she may seem a little awkward to you, don’t let her get away with it because her second impressions are usually much better and can give you a closer look at who she really is.

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The first date is not always easy because you never know who you will really end up with. It can be exciting and fun, and nothing beats that feeling when you meet someone and just click and feel like you’ve known each other forever. Most of the time, however, the first dates are a little different. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any potential for a relationship. If you feel insecure or uncomfortable, or if your limits are not respected, your counterpart of course absolutely does not deserve a second chance. A date that may have been a little too quiet or reserved might be worth another try, though.


These 3 zodiac signs leave a bad impression on the first date, but it is deceptive

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