These 3 Zodiac Signs Have A One Day Love On The New Moon On April 30, 2022

These 3 Zodiac Signs Have A One Day Love On The New Moon On April 30, 2022

When it comes to being in love — or at least being in a serious relationship — it feels like coming home to your best friend every night, which is a really great feeling too. But not everyone is looking for a happy relationship.

On this new moon, some zodiac signs will be looking for something casual because they’re not looking for anything serious right now.

Do you want to know which 3 zodiac signs it is? Then read on now!


These zodiac signs are great at making friends this new moon and they are also great at not committing. Pisces is actually a great partner to hook up with. He tends not to get involved with things and people during this time, so he’s all for it when the opportunity for a one-day love arises. 

He particularly dislikes that serious relationships and love can change the dynamic, so he shies away from it. He doesn’t really want to have to worry and just needs his freedom. However, sometimes it can feel like others are using it because, by the time he’s done, he’s already putting his clothes back on. There are no formal things for the one who hopped in love with him!

Pisces can’t be stopped from having a good time. They will communicate well how they think things should go – if it happens more often. These zodiac signs are particularly open during this time and do not hide their intentions. They will be very clear about what they want from this “relationship.” It may come as a shock that Pisces is so open and blunt about it at first, but at least they are honest and won’t leave you in the dark. 

He may stop dating a person if things get too serious or complicated. Having that lightness is a blessing for this zodiac sign.

The good thing is: that you know where you stand with this zodiac sign. And if you don’t want to be in a relationship either – so much the better! The fish is always ready for a Netflix and chill evening.


Cancer has a hard time making decisions on this new moon, so they prefer not to make any because it’s easier and less threatening for them. When faced with the choice of staying in a casual relationship with someone or taking them to the next level, Cancer prefers to back down.

This gives him more time to really find out what he wants. He hates being thrown into things. That’s why he’s happy as long as he doesn’t have to worry about making serious plans with anyone.

Cancers also like it when there are no agreements, which is why it is easy for them to date several people at the same time. Instead of feeling weird or awkward, he feels special. He just doesn’t know what he wants from a serious relationship right now for fear of ruining the momentum. That’s why he prefers not to.

Since Cancer is very spongy right now, you should try to stay away from them when you don’t feel like playing games or casual affairs. He won’t be able to tell you clearly what he wants. And that can be quite confusing – especially when emotions are involved. 

On this new moon, Cancer could even break a heart or two if not careful. Although he doesn’t intend to, he could hurt others with his behavior. The only problem is that he’s thinking about himself very much right now and doesn’t really care about the feelings of others. He thinks he’s entitled to take what he wants. Fortunately, this ruthless phase will soon be over!


Scorpios are currently strongly opposed to serious relationships because it means they are about to give up the most important part of themselves: their freedom. He wants to feel free and definitely doesn’t want to have to give himself up for anyone.

He is also terribly afraid of opening up and revealing his emotional world. He has probably been deeply hurt in the past and now wants to protect himself from further hurt. He has a hard time lowering his protective barrier enough for a serious relationship to work, so he likes to stay away from relationships altogether and seek out people to just have love with. 

If he hooks up with whoever he wants instead, he retains that freedom while still having fun. He knows that not all relationships will last and wants to have fun with someone for a while – that’s all. That’s just enough for him to be happy.

He might even pull off the Friends With Benefits thing for a while. But it’s not uncommon for him to get bored pretty quickly by seeing the same person over and over again. He wants a lot of variety now. And if there are problems, he will give this person a wide berth. He absolutely doesn’t want to have to make any commitments.

He may subconsciously be looking for that special someone who will change his mind about love, but don’t count on that when dating a Scorpio. This zodiac sign is clearly prone to going back and forth between wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to just keep it casual. And that can be pretty tiring.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Have A One Day Love On The New Moon On April 30 2022

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