With some people you can tell immediately when they are feeling bad. The following zodiac signs, on the other hand, can sometimes not even show sadness, pain and suffering if they want to.


Taurus looks tough and resilient on the outside as if not even the strongest storm could shake them. But at its core, the earth sign is compassionate, sensitive and sometimes very fragile. In really difficult situations, the Taurus usually suffers in silence, withdraws into himself, but hardly anything can be noticed. Anyone who knows him well feels that he is less present and no longer completely himself, but most people usually go unnoticed by the pain of Taurus. 


Libra have an (unconscious) credo: Yes, not to be a burden to anyone, but to be there for others all the more. They literally hide their pain from their fellow human beings, play down their problems, and sometimes run away from them themselves. To feel when a Libra is doing badly, you have to be very sensitive – or deal with suffering in a similar way as the air sign …


Sagittarians are typically very emotional, sometimes highly sensitive people. The more negative feelings such as anger, sadness and fear worry them, because once they are there, the fire sign quickly loses its hold. With a lot of strength and optimism (and usually very successfully), the Sagittarius therefore spends most of his life on the sunny side if possible – but when suffering and pain strike once (which they always do at some point …), he is sometimes not once able to classify these feelings, let alone communicate or show them. Sagittarius can appear happy and balanced when in truth they are fighting the toughest internal battles. And so they are mostly alone with their problems, even though there are enough people who would like to help them.

April 21, 2021: These 5 zodiac signs are naturally messy

It is well known that there are two kinds of people: neat and untidy. The following zodiac signs usually belong to the latter …


Order? Aquarius doesn’t believe in it! His chaos is an expression of his individuality and his character, which is why nobody apart from him can usually see through.


System and structure are foreign words for Pisces (just like for the German language itself …). The watermark is a talent for improvisation – and it has to be, because planning something properly is just not his thing. But isn’t all of life a search anyway? So what is going on, half an hour on the trail of the second sock?


Geniuses are often said to have mastered chaos. And maybe that’s exactly the case with the zodiac sign Gemini. The air sign only creates as much order as it needs, no more and no less. And from the point of view of decent people, the emphasis is on “no more” …


The others can keep order, but Lions simply cannot. It almost seems as if the fire sign is incapable of recognizing disorder at all, as if it lacks any sense necessary for it. Maybe the Leo is just too busy with other (more important) things, for example … with himself ?!


Disorder brings the scales to the best ideas! Plus, the air sign is just too lazy to clean up. And it doesn’t like to throw something away either … But the ideas are of course in the foreground!


Sagittarians need variety and challenges – and what could be more varied and challenging than a life in chaos? Spilled, haphazard and best without (recognizable) structure, this is how the fire sign feels most free, most relaxed, most comfortable. At least as long as they know where their passport is …

April 20, 2021: These 3 zodiac signs are drawn to toxic people

It’s weird, but sometimes we are drawn to what hurts us of all things. These can be habits, experiences – or people. The following zodiac signs probably know what we’re talking about. According to the horoscope, of all people, who are actually poison for them, exert a magical attraction on them.


Capricorns are fundamentally very independent, determined and self-confident people and actually need people in their environment who are similarly independent and straight and who inspire and inspire them. Instead, the earth sign feels drawn to people who are insecure and can hardly make a decision on their own. Capricorns sometimes quarrel with this because they themselves notice that these people are slowing them down and that they are actually not necessarily a character who likes to take care of themselves. But not even a Capricorn can compete with some invisible forces.


In contrast to the Capricorn, Pisces love to take care of other people. However, the watermark tends to overdo it a bit and completely ignore its own needs. This is why fish ideally need people around them who can show them limits and remind them to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, the zodiac sign rarely attracts such people. Often it seeks closeness to people who take advantage of it and have no problem taking without giving.


Leos have a strong need for love, appreciation, and encouragement. Anyone who seems to (!) Be able to give them this in sufficient measure has them in their hands, so to speak. That is why the fire sign unfortunately comes back to people who take advantage of it and play with them. Often they believe they can get everything they want in their relationships. But in truth there is usually a lot more than it suspects – and the less you get in return.


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