These 3 zodiac signs cannot flirt

Skilled flirting has to be learned. According to the horoscope, however, the following zodiac signs find it difficult to let their charm play

Some zodiac signs are not made for flirting

Flirting is not too difficult for the extroverted Aries, the communicative twins and the self-confident Lions. They love to go on the charm offensive, tease their counterparts and leave a lasting impression. That is why these zodiac signs are also among the flirt masters. The following zodiac signs would like to cut a slice of this because they have a hard time flirting:


Cancer-borns are generally not averse to flirting. But especially with strangers it is difficult for them to open up and strike the right note. People of the zodiac sign Cancer need an emotional connection in order to be able to assess others correctly – as soon as you have created this, their compliments come from the heart.


Aquarius is one of the profound and inquisitive zodiac signs. For him, flirting is like small talk: often too superficial and irrelevant. Instead, Aquarius prefers to talk about topics such as art, culture and music and loves to interact with intelligent people and soak up their knowledge. If alcohol is involved, it can also happen that the communicative zodiac sign talks about head and neck when flirting and possibly makes a mistake.

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Unlike Aquarius, Pisces can be enthusiastic about flirting, but sometimes they seem awkward and don’t know how to wrap the other person around their finger. Pisces-born are very shy and do not want to reveal too much about themselves at the beginning, which is why they rarely take the initiative and take a step towards a stranger. If they are spoken to, however, they can definitely win something out of a flirt and try to show themselves from their best side.

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