These 3 zodiac signs can expect a negative week from September 20th to 27th.

Things can’t always go smoothly. And sometimes it seems like bad luck never ends. If your zodiac sign is one of them this week, don’t take it too personally because the truth is, every zodiac sign has a tough time. Don’t worry, every bad luck streak comes to an end at some point. Let’s talk about who is hardest hit and for whom this week will be the worst week of September 2020.

Is your zodiac sign Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra? Then you definitely belong! Here is some advice to help you get through this:


Unfortunately, things are not looking particularly rosy for you this week, dear Capricorn. At the beginning of the week, you need to be extra careful and take important steps if there are problems related to your work. Don’t make important decisions about your future in the next few days, and don’t let various differences of opinion destroy your relationship with people in your workplace. Avoid unnecessary purchases in your finances that are above your budget and try to be a little more economical. 

It could get critical not only in your workplace but also in your love life. You may have new relationship problems this week. You may just want to do your own thing, which will result in creating space between you and your partner. However, it can feel like your partner is doing the exact same thing to you. You feel very sensitive and may crave intimacy as much as you fear intimacy. In the next few days, however, you will also learn how to overcome your relationship blocks and accept the love that you know you deserve. After midweek, you can move on to implementing plans with your partner that you have long postponed. 


This is definitely not your week Aquarius! You may feel a surge of emotions coming your way this week. You work so hard to stay carefree and undisturbed by all the ailments that you have had to go through over and over again in the past. This is what makes you so charming and diplomatic. But it also brings you downsides that you should definitely consider. Because just because you don’t think about your pain doesn’t mean it’s not still there and deeply rooted in you. When you have a lot of feelings inside you, it means that it is time to finally feel them and give them your attention. Know what hurts and give your heart the reassurance it needs. Also, speak to someone you trust. Let it all out. It’s a heavyweight

Also, prepare for a new set of things and situations at work this week. It won’t be easy, but many problematic matters finally find the solution you’ve always wanted and you start implementing projects you may have forgotten about. In your finances, you have many obligations that weigh on you and you are looking for ways to resolve them. This week also brings you offers that could increase your sales. So keep your eyes open.


Your week could be very chaotic for you, dear Libra. And you really don’t like it when things are out of balance. This could use up all of your energy and make it difficult to find your passion to actually be productive. It can even lead to conflict and moments of anger that could have been avoided if you had thought more about how to keep your balance inside yourself beforehand. But, by and large, this week isn’t all going to be bad for you. Think of this week as more of a lesson. This experience will help you deal with difficult times. You have all the things in you that you need, dear Libra. So trust in your abilities to survive this week well and be prepared for the future.

Another difficult point this week is your relationship. You will see quite clearly what is wrong with your relationship in the next few days. You know how to deal with these situations in order to get rid of them. Don’t forget to control your temperament and don’t let short-circuit reactions get you into trouble. Be diplomatic and have mature conversations with your partner that will help you find the right solutions. This will make your relationship even stronger. When you’re single, don’t be so introverted and reserved. When you become a little more open, people will find it easier to approach you. Just worry less about what others might think of you and you will find that people accept you for who you are.


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