These 3 zodiac signs can expect a bad week from August 17th to 23rd.

Things can’t always go smoothly. And sometimes it seems like bad luck never ends. If your zodiac sign is one of them this week, don’t take it too personally because the truth is, every zodiac sign has a tough time. Don’t worry, because every streak of bad luck comes to an end. Let’s talk about who is hardest hit and for whom this week will be the worst week of August 2020. 

Is your zodiac sign Pisces, Libra or Virgo? Then you definitely belong! Here is some advice to help you get through this:


You’re only human too, Pisces, and sometimes things hurt your feelings and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Remember that your feelings are always important and should be taken seriously, but also remember that some things shouldn’t be taken personally because sometimes people just don’t mean it badly and do things that aren’t directed against you. This doesn’t mean that you should let people run about your feelings. In fact, communicating your feelings can be exactly what eases tension and can help other people. Because mostly they don’t want to hurt you at all and would feel better if they could avoid making you feel bad about their behavior. Remember to be careful about how you discuss these feelings

Plus, you’ll have a few stressful days this week because you’ve set yourself too much. Make a solid plan for effectively fulfilling all of your commitments. Good planning determines the outcome of your efforts. You shouldn’t take on any obligations that you haven’t thought out beforehand, dear fish. Otherwise, you will have to come up with some very good excuses to get out of these obligations. All of that could push you to your limits this week. Hold on! Better days will come again!


To be honest, dear Libra, this week you might feel like punching something and venting your anger. Finding a healthy exit to your anger and darker feelings may not be a bad idea because you are really a time bomb in the moment that could explode at any moment. Things that you normally just rub off your shoulder can annoy you a lot more than usual. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you feel this way. It’s not your fault that you feel hot-headed, but if you choose to react negatively to your emotions, you must take responsibility for it.

Your instincts predominate this week, however, and your tendency to look deep inside yourself is very strong. You should take advantage of that. Take some time for yourself and see what’s going on inside you. Also, look at the people around you. Remember, body language can be more revealing than words. If you feel like something is wrong, try to figure out what it is so as not to think about it forever. This will only add to the stress in your already tense everyday life.


How are you sleeping right now, a dear virgin? Or don’t you sleep much at all? Stay tuned! It is very important that you get plenty of sleep over the next few days as you are facing some tough times. You don’t really care about the material realm of life, even though your life is full of it. So if you expect to find yourself feeling motivated for daily life in the moment, you are expecting way too much. You have to break out of this life that you don’t want to lead at all. This is a great time to get into some healing and introspective activities as right now you should research deep within your soul into what you really need to be happy. Listen to your inner voice! It’s worth it, dear virgin!

The word that marks your week is “renewal”. Deal with all the problems of the past and in this way open your door to change and progress in your future. You will realize in the next few days that the present doesn’t have much to offer you at this point. So you have to develop yourself further and change certain things in order to feel yourself again and to get a little more joy in life. You will particularly succeed in this by starting to change yourself. The next few days will be tough, dear Virgo, and you will reach your limits. Towards the end of the week, however, you can take a deep breath as you can implement your plans better. You will find that you have to get through this time to end up being a better version of yourself.



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