These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best “Social Media Chasers”

"Social Media Chasers"

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best “Social Media Chasers”

We all have that one friend who just finds everyone online. She’s better than the FBI and can find out anything about your date or new love interest from your ex. Her detective talent could also be due to her zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are the best social media chasers.


Cancer is considered one of the most cautious signs of the zodiac. That’s why he has acquired clever skills to always play it safe. A little research on Insta and Facebook has long since ceased to be a challenge for cancer. He’s definitely got the hang of it. However, his abilities are not only a blessing but also a real curse at the same time. Because of his regular chasing routine on the internet, he hangs after his ex for far too long and just can’t let go.


Scorpio finds it difficult to anticipate the good in people. That’s why he always devotes himself to intensive social media research to make sure that new people in his environment have nothing to hide. He’s tireless and won’t give up until he finds something. His stamina is amazing – even if his sleep has to suffer as a result. So beware of the Scorpio – he just finds out everything about you.


Taurus is naturally very intelligent and enjoys gleaning information for themselves. This has always been a particularly useful talent in college and school. But the Taurus does not only live out this talent in his school career. He has since discovered that it can be very useful in other areas as well – namely checking out online information about other people. Don’t underestimate his detective skills. Because he skillfully uses his secret tricks and loves to help out any of his girlfriends who want to find out more about their new date.

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