These 3 zodiac signs are sabotaging their own relationship

Completely unconsciously, some people seem to be sabotaging their relationship without actually wanting to. This can be related to the fact that they are afraid of being bound or that they feel restricted in their freedom. Often this has to do with the zodiac sign.

These three zodiac signs in particular tend to subconsciously sabotage their relationship.


It has often happened to Cancer that his relationship happens unconsciously. It is very difficult for you to open yourself fully to another person. You just don’t like to get out of your shell. If your partner thinks they know everything about you, after a while they may notice that you have a secret or two from them. For him it could then be a serious breach of trust. Open up and confide in him, there will be a closeness between you that you did not know before. This is how you can prevent you from unconsciously ending the relationship with your behavior.


Unfortunately, you always have to have the last word. Everything you say is true – even if it is actually wrong. Admitting mistakes isn’t exactly one of your strengths. In the long run, this can be quite exhausting for your partner. Try to see things from a different perspective and learn that your partner’s opinion is also justified. Otherwise you will be subconsciously sabotaging your relationship. Try to put aside your fear of being restricted in your freedom. It all just happens in your head!


As a watermark, you are built particularly close to the water and immediately take every criticism, no matter how small, to heart. Above all, criticism from the person you love above all is unbearable for you and you immediately burst into tears. For your friend, this can get quite nerve-wracking over time. Try to be more composed about criticism and not take everything personally.

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