These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Clumsy

Particularly Clumsy

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Clumsy

Some people constantly tip their coffee over the keyboard or feel like they misplace their key every other day. In their circle of friends, they are simply considered mega-clumsy. The reason for their clumsiness can actually be due to their zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs in particular are particularly clumsy.


Sagittarius is a true adventurer and full of energy. But in many situations, he overestimates himself and becomes careless, which is why he often has one or the other clumsy faux pas. Then it can quickly happen that before an important presentation, he accidentally spills coffee on his laptop or on his shirt. Sometimes it would be better if Sagittarius took it easy and relaxed now and then. Not every situation has to be an adventure.


Pisces are everywhere with their thoughts, just not where they should be. You are insanely dreamy and can spend countless hours daydreaming. However, this often leads to them going through life in a particularly inattentive manner. They keep tripping over their feet, falling down the stairs, or bumping into a street lamp. So it is not uncommon for them to be covered in bruises on their bodies.


The Taurus just has to control everything frantically. Everything has to go exactly as he imagined. But that often backfires with the zodiac sign. Because that’s when everything that can go wrong goes wrong. In addition, Taurus is not particularly flexible either, which is why they are always overwhelmed when nothing is going according to their plan. Fortunately, the zodiac sign has a lot of humor and can laugh at themselves in such cases.

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