These 3 zodiac signs are expecting a bad week from July 26th to August 2nd.

Not everything can always go smoothly. And sometimes it seems like bad luck never ends. If your zodiac sign is included this week, don’t take it too personally, because the truth is that every zodiac sign has a hard time. Don’t worry, because every streak of bad luck comes to an end at some point. Let’s talk about who is affected the most and who will be the worst week in July 2020 for whom. 

Is your zodiac sign Aries, Aquarius or Scorpio? Then you definitely belong to it! Here is some advice to keep this time going:


Unfortunately, not everything will go smoothly this week and it will certainly not go as you hoped. There are a number of hurdles to be faced that you should carefully consider how to address them. A little wrong move could cause the whole house of cards to collapse. This week you should think about your mistakes and misconduct and find a way to change your way of dealing with things and people. You may have hurt someone badly in the past and never even noticed. Try to correct your mistakes by locating them and then apologizing for them. 

If you are currently in a relationship, this week you will find that there are some issues that you should discuss with your partner. Your partner could open your eyes this week and show you completely new perspectives that you have never seen before. However, it will be hard work to have this conversation with your better half diplomatically, as your communication channels could be a bit blocked. Try to be as understanding as you can be. Get your new plans moving and think about things that will improve your life and relationships. Don’t be too spontaneous and hasty, dear Aries. Take things a little calmer and more carefully and everything will be fine. 


This week, your finances will go downhill without you doing a thing about it. You will have to watch how something disintegrates, which you have built up with difficulty and that creates a feeling of frustration within you.   Avoid careless and reckless movements and try to use your mind before making any decisions. Otherwise, you might regret it afterward. Things will only be balanced if you compromise. Don’t be discouraged by all of this, because you should know that this time will only be a short period of drought. Very soon you will find new ways to get the whole thing started.

During the weekend, there may be a conflict between the requirements of your personal and family life. You will be deeply disappointed with some people you thought you could trust and you will feel somewhat isolated and alone for a few days. This could hurt you for a while and because of that, you might not work as well in other areas of your life as usual. But in the end, you will find a way to sort things out and all of this will bring you closer together than ever before. This way you will appreciate your loved ones even more and take better care of them.


Everyone expects you to act or think in a certain way, dear Scorpio. This is how society runs. When someone asks you how you are, you say that you are fine, although you could certainly complain. This week you may feel that it is much more difficult to pretend that everything is fine. This could lead to you wasting time for yourself in which you can only think about your feelings and take off the facade that you always wear so that you can finally be yourself. The cosmos gives you permission to do just that.

This week you will also try to organize your finances. You finally have to start with this because the situation is not as stable as you might think. This is not a good time to start new businesses or invest money. Additional costs should also be avoided. It is important that you feel financially secure again before you do any risky business or spend too much on unnecessary things. If you manage to be thrifty this week, you’ll soon be on a green branch again. Also, have a little more confidence in the flow of life, dear Scorpio. This will help you do things more relaxed and calmly. You will see that everything will always be fine in the end.


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