These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Currently In A Relationship Crisis

A Relationship Crisis

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Currently In A Relationship Crisis

Things don’t always go smoothly in a relationship – ups and downs are quite normal. With these three zodiac signs, however, things have not been going well in love for a long time. Sometimes it even seems as if you and your partner have completely drifted apart. Therefore, they are unfortunately in a relationship crisis.

With these signs of the zodiac, there is a crisis in the relationship.


Several smaller problems have been piling up with the fish for a long time, and they are now slowly erupting one after the other. Pisces can therefore hardly avoid arguing with their partner. Unfortunately, they can no longer see the good sides of their partnership at the moment. It’s time to sit down together and talk about the future of your relationship. Because the relationship crisis will not solve itself.


The Gemini is so busy that he hardly has any time for his relationship. He has been neglecting his partnership for a long time, which is why his loved one feels taken for granted. Everything else seems to be more important. Togetherness is so important in a relationship. But the twin doesn’t have the time to do it at the moment. The Gemini should slowly become clear about his priorities. Because if he keeps going like this, he will lose his partner in the long run.


The Sagittarius, on the other hand, is a very direct person – he doesn’t mince his words. That is why he often expresses his criticism very harshly and unembellished. Especially when he has a lot on his plate, which is the case at the moment. That doesn’t go down well with everyone – not even in their relationship. Because, especially in a relationship crisis, he only pours oil on the fire. Understanding and compromises would be much more popular now. With his direct and brash nature, Sagittarius often seems very cold, which is why his partner distances himself more and more. The sign of the zodiac should slowly show its sweet and romantic side.

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