There are ups and downs in a relationship. Now and then there can be an argument. But some zodiac signs are always looking for arguments in a relationship.

These three zodiac signs often quarrel in a relationship.

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The scales did not fall on your mouth. As soon as something bothers her, she says so too. This can very often lead to conflict, especially in a relationship. Because this zodiac sign does not mince words and says things straight to your face – regardless of whether it hurts the other person’s feelings or not. Unfortunately, empathy is not necessarily one of the strengths of Libra.


The Leo is very communicative. He likes to be the center of attention and loves to be admired by others. This superficial nature often leads to conflict in a relationship. He can’t stand it if he doesn’t get enough attention and therefore always tries to put himself in the center. If the Leo does not succeed in this, he will get quick-tempered very quickly and will not be afraid to start an argument. And that’s why he instigates arguments more quickly in relationships.

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This zodiac sign also often seeks arguments in relationships. Because the Taurus is particularly stubborn. He doesn’t like to give in, and in partnerships, arguments are often inevitable. And somehow he also loves to argue and test his limits. It can be particularly dramatic when two bulls are together. These relationships are usually associated with long and emotional conversations and can drain a lot of energy in the long run.

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