They know about all the current trends on TikTok , know almost every reel on Instagram and are always up to date when it comes to YouTube trends and Twitter beef. These three zodiac signs are absolutely addicted to social media and spend 90 percent of their day on the phone.

For these zodiac signs , networking with friends online and sharing your own content with them is more than a part-time job.


Gemini love communicating with other people. So it is not surprising that most of the time they comment on posts and exchange ideas with others on social networks . You are absolutely addicted to social apps and know just about every current trend. Right now, in times of “social distancing”, it is particularly difficult for twins to meet up with others in person. For this reason, they are now increasingly looking for contact via social media and spend most of the day there.


The Taurus is very confident of himself . For this reason, he spends his time almost exclusively on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Co. Because there he can not only get inspiration for new looks, but also permanently look at and edit his selfies. He also finds it very difficult to put his cell phone aside for a few minutes and enjoy real life away from the virtual world .


This zodiac sign is also very dependent on your smartphone. Aquarius loves the new and the unknown. And the technical aspects are also very exciting for him. That’s why he likes to try out all the filters on Instagram, click through the settings on Facebook and constantly look for new features on TikTok . For him, his love for social media is usually greater than the desire to move his gaze away from the screen from time to time .