These 3 zodiac signs always run away as soon as things get complicated

If everything is just as you imagine it, they are always there for you. But as soon as there is a crisis , you can no longer find them. Because some zodiac signs just can’t handle difficult situations.

These three zodiac signs always run away when things get complicated:


Scorpio has high expectations in a relationship. Everything always has to be straightforward and fun. If so, he is also a great partner who would do anything for you. But once everything is not blissful sunshine, the zodiac sign quickly takes flight. It doesn’t want to talk about it either, because it can’t handle confrontations and arguments at all. Whoever thinks that you can go through thick and thin with the Scorpio will unfortunately often be disappointed.


The virgin sets the bar very high for her life. The goals of this zodiac sign are almost unattainable, because your job, your relationship and your friendships just have to be perfect. But unfortunately this is not always the case and the Virgo cannot stand that at all. If an argument or other obstacle is developing somewhere, the zodiac sign immediately evades and runs away.


Cancer is often very unsafe. He doesn’t realize that a fight or a small mistake doesn’t mean it’s all over. Because cancer believes it can only go on if everything goes smoothly. But unfortunately life is often very different. The zodiac sign must therefore learn to keep fighting in complicated situations and not to shift into reverse gear straight away.

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