Sometimes love just doesn’t work out and a relationship fails. But somehow this happens to these three zodiac signs all the time and they are disappointed again and again . This is mainly because they have a knack for the wrong men who somehow magically attract them.

These three zodiac signs are always falling for the wrong guys. Because they are just too naive and gullible.


Libra loves balance and harmony. She avoids arguments and discussions at all costs. When it comes to love and relationships, she can quickly be dazzled by a beautiful appearance and little things convince her immediately. The Libra usually falls head over heels and quickly wears their rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately, she often overlooks the actually very clear warning signals. She is very naive and always believes in the good in people. What is actually a very nice attitude, in this case, however, often leads to the fact that the Libra constantly falls for the wrong men and is ultimately disappointed.


Cancer women are also one of the zodiac signs who often fall for the wrong men. Because although Cancers usually hide their emotions and are difficult to open, they can also turn their heads pretty quickly at the same time. Cancers seek security in relationships and physical closeness is incredibly important to them. And because Cancers are very good-natured and loyal people, they always stand by their partner – no matter how good or bad things are going. Often, however, they also tend to put their partner on a pedestal and completely ignore the negative traits. Cancer is therefore only too familiar with lovesickness and disappointment.


Fish are often quite naive. You have a clear idea of ​​the perfect partner and how a relationship should work. But as soon as feelings come into play, the fish suddenly completely forgets about its principles and values. This zodiac sign is totally dreamy and can therefore be quickly blinded. Once fish float on cloud nine, they can no longer think clearly. And then they often do not even notice that they keep falling in love with a special type, namely those men who are not really tangible, do not allow feelings and do not want to commit.