Actually everything seems to be perfect in the relationship and only the marriage proposal and the step in front of the wedding altar are missing . But somehow he just doesn’t want to get married. Or maybe it’s because of the zodiac sign.

Because , according to the zodiac sign, these three men never want to say yes.

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Sagittarius loves his freedom and he is reluctant to give it up. He doesn’t want to be restricted by anything or anyone. And the thought of a wedding and the everlasting covenant of marriage causes most Sagittarius men to panic. So he’d rather stay alone for the rest of his life before he feels he has to compromise and put his own needs behind. But if he actually meets the love of his life, he may completely rethink the concept of marriage and still take the big step.


Even Leo somehow doesn’t know what to do with the concept of marriage. The Leo man loves to be the center of attention and enjoy the attention of many women. So if he decided to stay with someone forever, he too would be afraid of no longer having any freedom and of having to pretend. Because unfortunately Leo men think of themselves far too often. But who knows, maybe you will be the right one after all and break the spell. Never say Never!

click Here The #1 Reason Men Lose Interest In Women They Love.


Aries are known to be very selfish and reckless. They rarely compromise and always put their own needs above those of others. The Aries man enjoys his independence and he doesn’t really want to give it up . However, he sees this threatened by a wedding and a marriage proposal is therefore out of the question for him. Unless the woman of his life, who can deal with all his flaws and fears of freedom, stands before him.