Do you want to know which zodiac sign your zodiac sign is compatible with? Here are the 12 most complicated pairs of zodiacs that should be ignored.

Relationships are complicated, so why choose a partner who doesn’t suit you at all? Especially when the relationship brings us more suffering than joy, one should no longer hold onto it. So that you can avoid this suffering from the outset, you should find out which zodiac sign your zodiac sign does not match.


These two zodiac signs are complete opposites, and opposites are known to attract each other. The ram would see the excellence and ability in the virgin and support her. If, however, the ram gets in a bad mood and this takes the virgin heavily, this could mean the end of the relationship.

When a fire sign (Aries) and an earth sign (Virgo) come together, it is difficult for both to understand the behavior of the other.


The sensuality of the bull and the fire of the scorpion would go well together. Both are passionate about and handle their trust with care. But both can also be extremely jealous. The bull will not understand the jealous behavior and the need for scorpion’s revenge.

These two signs would definitely conflict if neither of them gave way. But if they can maintain their relationship in the bedroom, a relationship could work. But outside of that, there is too much risk of one of them getting hurt.


In a way, these two go together perfectly – they’re both free spirits who love conversation and are highly intellectual. Both love people, but twins are better able to be social. 

Twins are also more adaptable than watermen and can express their feelings better. Aquarians prefer not to express their feelings and the twin will have little understanding of that.

Twins are known to be inconsistent and unpredictable, and sometimes these two properties just don’t go well together.


Both cancer and the fish are creative, caring, and sensitive people, but cancer can also get too emotionally involved, which the fish doesn’t always understand. Cancer is also fully aware that each of its relationships has influenced and transformed it into the person it is today. 

Fish, on the other hand, seem to have few memories of the past and therefore learn less from their mistakes. This means that complications are already inevitable.


Both characters know how to have fun and make a good first impression. The thing is, the lion really needs someone to make it shine, and the archer isn’t that great at being a trophy spouse.

If the lion loses control or is patronized, the shooter will not use all his energy to make the lion feel better. That would make a long-term romantic relationship very complicated.


Virgins care what others think about them, and Aquarians don’t. Virgins are known to be stable, safe, and rely on methods they have tried before. Aquarians, like to be inventive and more than curious.

But they tend to frustrate virgins because they’re too fleeting and ruthless. However, virgins also wished they had some of the freedom that Aquarius has because they admire him for it. However, this could lead to delicate situations.


Both the Libra and the fish are genuinely nice, caring, and sometimes gentle people. Scales admire fish very much and love to spend time with them.

Both characters can be very romantic and idealize love – however, if both people have their heads in the clouds, it will be difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

As for romance, they’re both perfect for a summer vacation, but anything about a long-term relationship won’t work.


Here is a force pair for eternity. Both characters are dynamic, violent and proud. The scorpion particularly appreciates the honesty and passion of the lion. 

But he can also become jealous and may not understand that the lion behind the flirting has no intention of seducing anyone.

These two characters usually dominate in their relationships, which could make things more difficult if you try to dominate the other character.


The Sagittarius is a great party guest because he’s so sociable and friendly, and scales respond to it. 

But shooters are also extremely independent, which may not be beneficial for scales who hate being alone. The shooter can be fairly straight forward and doesn’t have the Libra’s diplomatic skills.

Scales are simply too indecisive and shooters too stubborn to be related.


Capricorn and crab have a lot in common – both appreciate their friends and family, both need a comfortable place to call home, and both are reliable. 

Capricorns are more reserved than crabs. As long as the give and take in the partnership is maintained, a relationship can exist (though not without challenges). However, if you take more than you give, there will only be problems.


Here are two signs that like to travel, meet new people, and don’t need a travel companion to have a good time. Both appreciate their own independent nature and that of their partner.

However, what can cause problems is the shooter’s selfishness. Especially when faced with Aquarius’ selfless need to help people. It seems like these two starts together, but eventually, deviate in completely different directions and then end up in two different places.


Fish love to dream and think about things, while ibex are much more practical. Fish tend to be mysterious and sometimes a little sneaky, which ibex may not do as well. Fish are also easier to influence than ibex. So that something works, the ibex must not use its methods against the fish.

Fish are also much more trustworthy than ibex and have a completely different view of life and the world, which makes the relationship between the two signs very difficult.


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