It is not uncommon for a man to leave a unique woman, convinced that he will find someone like her in no time. But that does not happen.

Instead, as soon as he feels her absence, he begins to realize her true worth and curse herself forever leaving her.

But then it’s too late to change anything because the woman is already gone and is no longer interested in his apologies.

This is exactly what will happen to you and your ex: sooner or later he will understand what he has done, and that will be his greatest regret.

1. Aries


If he leaves you, he will miss your thirst for adventure the most.

He does not know yet, but this man will find every other girl boring after you.

No other woman will be able to challenge him the way you did, and before you know it, he’ll regret leaving you.



Modern dating is all about playing games and sending mixed signals.

But everything was different with you. Your ex always knew what you wanted and where he was with you, and he would hardly find it with anyone else.

3. Gemini


If you are a twin, your partner will regret leaving you once he realizes that he will never find someone as intelligent and witty as you.

You had the ability to find a solution to all your problems, and it was always fun to be around you.

4. Cancer


Your ex will regret having left you as soon as he understands what he did with your big heart.

No one will ever give him all that you have to offer, and no other woman will ever sacrifice anything for him.

There is no doubt that this man will spend eternity searching for you in every woman he encounters.

5. Leo


As a lion, the unforgettable thing about you as a partner is the way you advance your better half.

Not once did you stop believing in your ex, and next to you he felt more powerful than ever – as if he could achieve something.

Now that he has lost you, he has fallen from the roof of the world, and he will never forgive himself.

6. Virgo


Do you remember how your ex always complained that you were trying to raise him, and how he always told you he already has a mother?

Well, guess: having no one to save his sad ass and strive to make him a better man is what he will miss most about you.

Over time, this guy has got used to keeping his back free, and now he regrets having lost the only person he could rely on any time.

7. Libra


Your ex will regret leaving you as soon as he realizes that you were the only person who could soothe him.

You were his peaceful haven, the only person in the world who could handle his temperament and had the ability to compromise with him.

8. Scorpio


When it comes to you, people regret it most because of your loyalty to having lost you.

This is true for your friends as well as for your romantic partners.

You are a totally committed and devoted partner, but unfortunately, he did not recognize that in time.

9. Sagittarius


The moment he realizes that you will not come back and that he has lost you forever, your ex will find that you were the only one who could make him laugh.

You were his sunshine and the only woman who made all life problems bearable.

10. Capricorn


If you were born under this sign of the zodiac, your ex will regret leaving you because you worked so hard on your relationship.

You were ready to overcome all obstacles, and he knows that you would never have let go of him as he did with you.

11. Aquarius


Besides being sorry to lose such a great friend, your ex will also forever regret the fact that he has lost you as his buddy.

You were a true life partner to him – someone to whom he could confide his deepest secrets and the only person who never condemned him.

12. Pisces


I can guarantee you one thing: no one will ever try to please your ex as you did.

You have always reminded him how butterflies feel and you have been the most romantic girlfriend he has ever had.

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