There are only 2 reasons why men stop writing women back

He’s a dumbass … (but not really).

So you met someone.

He has a smile that dazzles you and a body that can do minor miracles.

He likes all the things you like, except for one or two things that are not so important and make for interesting conversations anyway. You talked to each other all night.

So everything fits perfectly – except for one super annoying thing …

You texted him as usual, and now he’s not writing back.

Why do men do this?

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to know someone great and thinking that there is something between you – and then realizing that the gentleman in question has no intentions to ever get in touch with you again.

No, let’s delete that again. There is one thing that is even more frustrating: when the man who stops responding is officially known as your friend.

Damn, women are looking for a friend half-way, so we never have to call and whine again, “Why doesn’t he write back?”

When you’re single, games (if that’s crap) are pretty normal.

It’s all part of the advertising phase, a kind of dance that we perform to transform our lives into the romantic comedy/drama of our choice.

It is fun and thrilling, but also exhausting. But once you and your guy get couple status, all of this drama should just naturally disappear.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in real life.

Could it be that his battery is empty? Could it be that he still has a folding phone?

Could his great-uncle be in the hospital? Sure, absolutely.

But mostly when a text message is sent and there is silence, it is because the recipient chooses not to respond immediately.

Your friend shouldn’t have to write you back in the same second for every text, that’s for sure. After all, he could be busy with something like driving a car or having a brain operation.

But part of the deal that two people have in a relationship is that they will support and be there for each other.

If we want to keep claims low: Consenting to call yourself a friend means that sometimes you want to spend time with your girlfriend and listen to what she has to say instead of just being there for love with you.

To get to the bottom of this mystery that so often concerns women, I asked a group of anonymous men to comment on the question: “Why would a man stop writing back to a woman?”

Overall, everything they had to say on the subject resulted in one of two reasons.

If you’re wondering why he didn’t text you back, look at these two possible answers to see if either of them makes sense for your specific relationship.

1. He doesn’t want to meet you anymore.

If your friend’s radio is silent and you know that he wasn’t involved in a car accident, he may be trying to break you up by simply disappearing from the scene.

It is immature, it is cowardly and you absolutely deserve something better, but it is still just what is happening.

Here is what some of the men who answered my question had to say:

“This relationship is over. He wants to say that. He’s just too cowardly to say it out loud and just wants you to do it. ”

” I avoid texts by women if I want to get out of it.”

“ The main reason would probably be that he doesn’t like you as much as he expected. I know it’s crap, but at least he’s not wasting your time anymore. ”

” Might be that he just doesn’t like you that much .”

“ Men with lots of options don’t usually go on a second date if they haven’t had love on the first date.

“ It just wasn’t as good for him as it was for you. If he liked you, he would have written back. 

“ There can be many reasons. The reasons why I stop texting or calling a girl are different. Could be that he just didn’t like you, except for love. He has reached his goal and now he is leaving the field.

“ He just wanted love. And to keep that in mind, women sometimes stop texting men when they no longer want  a relationship.

“ If she sends me a text and then, before I respond, text several times or write to me through another channel like Facebook, I will pause and start considering not replying to her. 


2. He is emotionally too immature to talk to you about something that concerns him.

Then there are moments when he doesn’t know how to speak to you and he can’t or doesn’t want to learn how to do it better. At least not as far as you are concerned.

Here are the answers from my interviewed men:

“If I’m attracted to someone else, I might be holding someone else on hold for a while.”

” Could be anything, but being in need or annoying would be high on my list.”

“When people disappear from the scene for good reasons and then come back in and say, ‘Shit, I’m so sorry. Here’s what happened … ‘You explain everything voluntarily, the reasons sound logical and you apologize. If they don’t do that, they are just completely immature. ”

“ Maybe he was on mushrooms and took far too much. Either that or he didn’t want to be reachable at the moment. In any case, he should just tell you what’s going on. ”

” If I don’t write back, it’s because I just don’t want to talk to the person right now.”

“The only reason I would ignore a woman’s text is when there’s something big to talk about and I know I’m not ready for it yet.”

” He probably just wants to hang out with his friends and party for a while .”

“Some people think (wrongly) that it makes them look cooler to wait forever to answer.”

Both reasons are absolute bullshit.

And I’m sure it’s not easy to hear her from any woman running on the Internet (like me)!

Just keep in mind that if a man is interested in a long-term relationship with you, he does the hard work that goes with it.

And to be honest: The basic ability to communicate your own needs and personal problems should be the minimum requirement when it comes to being close to someone even at the beginner level.


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