The Zodiac Signs In Order Of Precedence, From Most To Least Narcissistic

How narcissistic are you This is what your zodiac sign says for it

Most of us are a little bit self-indulgent. This is a necessary aspect as we must all value and loves ourselves. But narcissism takes that to the next level.


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For narcissists, the whole universe revolves around them. They firmly believe that they are superior to everyone else in every way.

It is not easy to argue with them or even hang out with them as friends. They have no concept of teamwork and they hardly bother to listen to the opinion of others, even if they contradict their own opinion.

They crave attention and it is as necessary to them as breathing. They like to have a bevy of yes-sayers around them who adore them and go with them whatever they want.

If need be, narcissists can and will stage drama and intrigue around them so they don’t lose their spotlight and keep others interested in them.

You cannot handle or respond to any form of criticism . Narcissists often fail to see their own weaknesses and this often distances them from other people.

Interestingly, your zodiac sign can determine how narcissistic you are.

1) lion

Lions tend to be fairly sure of their cause and border on know-it-alls. You are terrible at working in tandem with others.

They firmly believe that their opinion is correct and will never compromise.

You are very much in love with yourself. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want without worrying about whether the people around them are negatively affected in the process.


Scorpios are very nice people when they are in a good mood. They will be some of the best, brightest people you can hope to find.

But there is also a downside to them. An angry SCORPIO can and will be very rude and hurtful to those who are the cause of his anger.

They lack empathy and usually don’t care what others are going through. You see the world in black and white and just want to get good results.


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Often selfish, it is difficult to describe an Aquarius as independent or narcissistic. Sometimes they stand up for their fellow human beings, but only when it is useful to them.

They are materialistic and urbane. They wish to be rich and famous and will even do cruel things to get there.

Do not get close to them, because if you are no longer of use to them, they will not hesitate to exclude you from their life.


Virgos are true narcissists. Like the original Narcissus, people born under this sign are completely in love with themselves and no other person can get in their way.

You don’t need someone else’s approval or affection. Virgos will go about their own lives for hours without worrying about the other people in the room.

5) Aries

Even the slightest discomfort or irritation is unbearable to these people and they will just leave. They’re annoyingly fussy at times.

They are not going to sacrifice any part of their comfort for someone else. If it ever looks like an Aries is helping someone else, be warned that they likely have an ulterior motive that is to their own benefit.


They’re right on the fine line between empathy and narcissism, and they fall for either side depending on how they’re feeling right now.

You can understand other opinions without losing the idea that their opinion is the best. They are not impossible to work with, but it takes a lot of effort.

If you can get her in the right place, at the right time, in the right mood, it will be like her narcissistic side isn’t there.

7) Sagittarius

If a Sagittarius wants something, he’ll get it. They will be like a sheer force of nature, regardless of who they hurt or what limits are crossed.

However, they tend to regret what they did in retrospect, because deep down they are actually kind.

Be careful because they are masters of manipulation and can easily use you to achieve their own goals.

8) cancer

They’re not really narcissists, but highly attention-seeking, these people need to be at the center of things. You can’t stand it when others get the spotlight, even if only for a short time.

9) twins

They are geniuses who can get what they want by their own abilities. You can get people to help them with other matters in exchange for their own assistance.

Their life revolves around the maxim: “What you don’t want people to do to you, don’t do it to anyone else”, so they actually try to help you.

Geminis usually do good things, but only because they want the same positive things to happen to them.

10) scales

They like to tell others about their life, but have the slightest interest in the lives of others. They tend to just look at the surface of things and really believe that everything that glitters is really gold.

Scales don’t do a lot, but they manage to overdo even the smallest thing they’ve accomplished.

They are willing to help people, but will consider favors they have done for others as a debt they can later claim.

11) Capricorn

Capricorns are very righteous people who are not afraid to mention corruption. If you feel that a person is doing something wrong, no matter who it is, don’t hesitate to tell them.

They have an approximate knowledge of many things and like to engage in heated debates and discussions. They tend to be intellectual and confident in their opinions.

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12) fish

Generous and caring, Pisces are the kind of people who will cry over a stray mutt and are still supposed to give into causes they believe in.

These people do their best to make the world a good place. For this they work hard every single day.

However, they are followers and not leaders, which means that they can easily be influenced by a dominant personality.

Just remind yourself that what goes around comes around too. Live a full, loving life and try not to leave too many scars on this world. Be the role model you are looking for.


The Zodiac Signs In Order Of Precedence, From Most To Least Narcissistic

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