Great Almighty God, you are a possessive girl, clinging to your lover with the violence of burdock clinging to a rusty battleship.

You have to own your lover completely and if you can not do that you will suffer from extreme anxiety.
You would love to embrace your lover forever if you could. Even better, you would handcuff yourself.


If you are in love with both ears, it will make you feel tremendous emotional pain when you are just a minute away from your lover – even when they are in the bathroom!

They want to own their lover, as Satan possessed Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Hostile and controlling, tell them to get rid of all their friends and NEVER make contact with their ex-boyfriends.

Whether this suffocation method works or not depends entirely on whether your lover actually wants to be possessed.


By nature, a miniature dictator. When you’re in love, claim your lover’s entire body and soul as if a conquering army invaded and claimed occupied territory.

When you see them speaking to someone of the opposite Love, the flames of jealousy that shoot out of your ears are recognizable even in a crowded room.

By the way: your insecurity is at the end of the whole. If you were feeling a little better, you would not need to give your lover such discomfort.


Born with a suspicious character, you question your lover about your whereabouts as if you were an East German soldier asking a lost American tourist why he had accidentally come to East Berlin.

Your heart has been broken too many times to trust someone completely again, so you are uncomfortable even breathing.

Your presumptuous nature actually leads to infidelity, because people feel that if you accuse them of fraud anyway, they might just as well enjoy it.


They get involved in someone very quickly. Little joke, what are you bringing to the second date?

A small delivery van. You become nervous when he plans to spend a night with the boys around the houses. And you are aware that this does not put you in a good light. What – he’s going to drink with the guys?

As if it takes care of you! Huh! They are not interested at all! You could not care less! You care so little that you lock yourself in the shower and howl the whole time he’s gone.


You are only obsessed with people you can not live without. If you’re only moderately interested in someone, you might lose it while shopping in a mall, and you will not mind if you never hear from him again.

However, if you’re in a hurry, even if you can only go into the sporting goods department for five minutes and you can not find it, you want the security guard to try to talk you back to yours long with an announcement over the loudspeaker to unite lost lover.


You are always a bit distant with your lovers. They always make sure that they never show them too much or too little. Even if you’re like a sobbing puddle when they leave you, you’re too proud to ever admit it.
Instead, you look cool.

But this detachment is often just a mask for a dependent soul – and that’s fine! You would be better off if you were a bit more possessive or never lost this guy.


You have been jealous and possessive only once in your life and that was with the person you loved more than anyone else.

But by your own maniacal obsession, you have expelled that person.

Since then, you have been extremely careful not to go mad like a madman about men, no matter how much you want to take total possession over your partner.

So you want to be possessive, but now you know that evil can end.


They are romantic and want to claim total possession for every inch of their lover, but they also do not want to be burdock or annoying. They could easily be possessive, but you are too polite. They do not like to bother people.

As much as you are inherently obsessed, the fact that you are basically a nice girl and you do not want to banish a guy by believing that he is going crazy will keep him at bay.


Even if the love of your life has hurt you, you ‘ll be hurt for about an hour and then nibble on donuts while you’re traveling with Tinder. In fact, the moment one loses a little bit of interest in you, you completely lose interest in them.

If someone you go out with shows even the slightest interest in anyone else, you are welcome to drive him to his house and say goodbye to him.

Owning someone completely is an undesirable task for you, like casting a plant that you once received as a birthday present.


They tend to regard all the beautiful ideas of “true love” or especially “lifelong love” as stupid and dumb. It sounds like slavery to you and you like your freedom.

There is a huge world and at least – what? – 500 million people on this planet who will find you attractive?

As soon as you release a butterfly, another butterfly is waiting for you to catch it.


You are as free and aimless as the wind. They let people – even those who come very close to you – glide like grains of sand through your fingers.

You do not want to make any commitments and you do not expect this from others. They are not possessive and do not want to be possessed.

That’s why you are often alone – and you like it.

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