The “Wrong” Of Your Zodiac Sign


The “Wrong” Of Your Zodiac Sign

The signs of the Zodiac have many qualities but each one of them has something that they don’t like so much. Here we teach you the “wrong” of your sign, which can bring you joy on the one hand but some unpleasantness on the other. Do you feel identified?

ARIES: Shamelessness

Honestly, Aries, if there is any “bad” quality of your sign, it is that you are not ashamed, but not at all. There are things in your life that you cannot live without air, water, food, and deceit. Ok, it’s not that you often do it on purpose but admit it, from time to time you blurt out a lie to make yourself look better or to make others look worse, or simply because you have to get out of some problem or because you have to get into that problem The rest of you are great. When God dealt shame to you he gave you nothing.

Advice: take a deep breath and don’t say anything before releasing something hurtful through your mouth, whether it’s true or not, Aries. People really want to trust you. You can do it.

TAURUS: The compulsiveness

You make a million promises a year when you want to lose weight when you want to save money, when you promise yourself that you will never argue with others again, or when you swear to yourself that you will not go back after that person who loved you. has done so much damage… But you fail Taurus, yes, because you suddenly remember that donut filled with chocolate, or that it’s not a bad thing to spend money to buy new clothes for the season, or when they want you to fight, or the beautiful moments lived with that special person. You are compulsive, and when you eat, you don’t eat just one portion, you eat twenty, and when you buy you don’t spend little, you spend everything, and when you argue, Troy burns…

Advice: take a step back before launching into something that deep down could make your life worse, Taurus.


“Look at that imbecile, look at how he drives, who the hell does he think he is, here is where they give permission to anyone!!! , he almost killed us, that bastard came here, he did it on purpose, well he’s going to mess, he’s found the wrong person, I’m small, no one is cool to me, look I’m going for him eh, let’s see if Why am I going to say four well-spoken words to this guy?

Advice: That guy is running because he has to take his wife to give birth to the nearest hospital… It has nothing to do with you so calm down.


Yes, Cancer, although everyone freaks out because no one thinks that you are capable of leaving everything out of pride, you have it, and you know it. And you also know that because of this, you have lost many things or have deteriorated them. It is very difficult for you to admit that you are confused, that you are wrong, that you are not right. And you fight to the end to make others see what your point of view is, but the problem is that this is a “point of view” and not the absolute truth. You do things just to mess off others when deep down the first person who is hurting you is you.

Tip: listen to the people who love you, especially when you don’t want to listen to them, that is a sign that they are touching your heart and yes, they are very right about everything.

LEO: Laziness

Ok, Leo, you are active to do a million things, and you know it, but you are also very dog ​​when you have to do something you DON’T want to do. You are invaded by the desire to sleep, to relax, to throw yourself on the sofa, and if you can, to look at the rest while they do it. You are the leader and on top of that, deep down, you think you are the best. Ok, in a lot of ways you are a Leo, in a lot of ways you could rule the world if you wanted to but not now, now you would go straight to sleep if you could. Admit it, Leo, while the world turns and they do yoga, learn languages, and go to the gym, you are lying in bed.

Tip: Set Leo goals, wake up earlier, and go do some sport, do it for three weeks. That’s where it starts.

VIRGO: Selfishness

Did you really have to eat the last bag of chips? Really Virgo? You knew he loved it, in fact, he asked you please not to eat it, he asked you to leave it because he wanted to eat it when he got home, Virgo. And honestly, if we’re to be fair, Virgo, please, you didn’t even buy that bag. You could have eaten anything else, you could have eaten a banana or some cookies, but no, you wanted that damn bag of chips even when you told her you’d keep it for her Virgo…

Tip: You’ll feel so much better about yourself when you start to understand that sometimes it’s better to make others happy than to listen to your temptations. Next time, buy three bags, eat one, and leave him two.

LIBRA: stubbornness

Libra, admit it, a million times you have asked for forgiveness without even understanding why, without even knowing why you have to apologize because you don’t feel bad. Although not everyone knows it, you are too stubborn, VERY stubborn, and also love to be contrary, if you have to go to a black-tie party in shorts, you will, just because it is an expression of your own personality and style. And if everyone wears shoes, you might wear low-top sneakers. And perhaps you “offend” others with your rebellion, and perhaps you also apologize for it, but you know that deep down, you don’t even feel it.

Tip: Reflect a little more and think that sometimes it is better to have peace than to be right.

SCORPIO: Self-pity

Okay, Scorpio, it’s true, your life hasn’t been easy, you’ve had a bad time, no one is inside your mind, no one understands it, there are traumas and anguish that no one will ever understand and that’s why, deep down, you’re like that, hermetic, always marking the distances, putting up barriers to your relationships, your partners, your friendships. No one will ever know what you have been through, they have had much easier lives than you and you will have to live with all that burden that has surrounded your life forever.

Tip: They understand you perfectly Scorpio, they understand what you’ve been through, you’re not the only one who has had an easy life. The heads of others are also touched by other stories.


Everyone believes that you are the bravest person on earth, everyone thinks that you take risks without thinking, that you are capable of jumping into the void even when there is nothing, that you love the adrenaline that all these causes in your body but… Deep down Sagi, you are trembling every time you make an important decision in your life. After all, when there is risk involved, bad things can happen. And yes, you would rather experience nothing at all than experience something that is bad for you. When things go wrong it’s not because you did them wrong but because when you were doing them you weren’t sure enough.

Tip: Life is shorter than you think and the only thing you will regret when your life comes to an end will be that you were afraid to do what you always wanted.

CAPRICORN: Indecision

On the one hand, you want to be independent, you don’t want to be tied to anyone, and you want to live your life as you really want and also, without having to explain yourself to others. On the other hand, you would love to be in love your whole life, get married, and sometimes even have children if you don’t already have them. Often you want to live in the country, surrounded by nature, and at another time you wish to live in a city that never sleeps. And you watch life go by while you make up your mind and make decisions.

Tip: Stop wasting time and make up your mind, and most importantly, do what you feel at all times. Then you will learn and you can think about whether you like it or not. But do it.

AQUARIUS: Insecurity

Seriously, Aquarius, you are like your worst enemy, you think you are worth less than you are, or rather, you make others believe that you are worth little. You are more handsome than you think, smarter than you seem, and more likely to achieve what you want than you think. But you don’t care, you won’t believe them if they tell you, but seriously, Aquarius, people admire you much more than you think.

Advice: cheer yourself up a bit, look in the mirror every day, and repeat your qualities out loud, you know what they are Aquarius. Don’t get arrogant or anything like that, everyone knows you’re a good person, with your flaws, yes, but at least someone worth it. Stop hurting yourself with thoughts that are not good.

PISCES: loyalty

When you hear this word, you think about what is negative about it, but yes, Pisces, the negative is that you are too loyal. You forgive when they don’t deserve it, you talk to them again when you actually swore not to when you know they don’t deserve forgiveness or even greetings. You stay with them when they deserve to be abandoned and even though your intentions are good, you are the one who always ends up getting hurt Little Fish. That’s why loyalty is actually that “wrong” thing about your sign.

Advice: If in the depths of your soul, you know that they will not be loyal to you, please, do not be loyal to others, or, if that does not work out for you, at least try to ignore them. Indifference Pisces, indifference is the best thing you can propose…

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