The Worst Of Having You As A Roommate According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you are very careless. You live your life like there’s no tomorrow and you don’t stop to pick up whatever you leave in between. It is true that sooner or later you collect it, but you prefer to live in the moment before wasting time collecting things that can be recovered later. Aries, let’s face it, you are a bit disorganized, but yes your roommates will never be bored with you.


Taurus, it is true that you don’t like your things to be touched, but you can afford to use everyone’s things in the house. You assume that everything in the house belongs to everyone and you use it, there is none. It is true that later you think about it and realize that maybe you should have asked for permission, but don’t worry Taurus, because you take care of other people’s things much more delicately than if they were your own.


Gemini, despite having a reputation for being one of the most sociable signs in the zodiac, when you are at home you like having your own personal space. Sometimes you need to spend some time alone to listen to yourself and know what you want. If you are in this mood you don’t want to spend too much time socializing, you have already done so throughout the day and you need to rest your mind. You may not always be ready to speak.


Cancer, you aren’t particularly early risers, but you don’t sleep all day either. The problem is that when you wake up you make a lot of noise and that drives your coworkers crazy. You should start to think that you don’t live alone and that maybe those morning noises bother others just as you are bothered by night noises. Cancer, you can’t play with rest, and you know it.


Leo, as a general rule, you tend to be a good roommate, but that eagerness to always get attention sometimes makes your mates tire of you. We can be very lazy, we always put things off at the last minute. You like to focus on your business and be the protagonist of your life, you don’t care about the rest. You need everyone to be aware of you, and that, when it comes to being a roommate, collides.


Virgo, you like to do everything right and that’s why you spend hours in the bathroom getting ready to go out. You like to leave your perfect home for any occasion and that is why you will be using the bathroom for as long as it takes to get out the way you deserve. This is the worst thing about sharing an apartment with you because otherwise, you are one of the most generous people when it comes to sharing an apartment, you are always up for anything.


Libra, you like to have it all your way. You have no problem taking care of the decor and everything related to events at home. Your coworkers trust you, but sometimes they would like to participate and you, subconsciously, won’t let them. No one can complain about living with you because you make it easy for everyone. The only thing you need to learn is to involve your classmates more in certain things.


Scorpio, you are a fairly respectful person, you like to follow the rules of coexistence and you try to do it as much as possible, but schedules are not your thing. The worst part about having you as a roommate is that you have some pretty weird schedules, you always go to your prom, no one ever knows when you’re gonna come home or how many hours you’re gonna be away from your home. The truth is, it’s their business, but it’s the worst thing about living with you.


Sagittarius, you are not good at working in a team. You like to act independently and make your own decisions. As a rule, this is usually positive, but when it comes to sharing an apartment it can be a disaster. Your companions are fed up with you going it alone and not relying on them at all. They just want you to tell them about the things you do at home, nothing more, so take note.


Capricorn, you are very sincere and do not close a single one. When you see something you don’t like, you say it, period. Usually, everyone likes it, but your coworkers are sick of you complaining about everything. It’s one thing to say whatever bothers you and quite another to criticize everything. The truth is, sometimes you realize it, but it’s your personality and you won’t change the way you are for anyone.


Aquarius, you are a very special person. You have always lived your life without giving any explanations and without asking for them. This is why, in general, you are a very good roommate. The worst thing about sharing an apartment with you is that you are very forgetful. You become so focused on your movements that you completely forget about important dates even when they are marked on the calendar.


Pisces, you are a very difficult person to live with. It’s not that you don’t play by the rules of coexistence, but the way you take things is usually complicated for others. Your classmates don’t know if they should tell you what they think about what you are doing because they don’t want you to make a drama out of nowhere. Pisces, try not to take everything personally and be a little more critical of yourself.

The Worst Of Having You As A Roommate According To Your Zodiac Sign

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