The Words You Should Never Say To Each Sign

Have you noticed that there are people who have the gift of waking up your bad mood? It seems that they enjoy seeing you lose your peace of mind. All of us have exploded at some point, some more than others, but it shows when we can’t take it anymore. I don’t know which is worse, the one who screams and throws things or the one who swallows all that poison and ends up in terrible physical discomfort. Each zodiac sign has its Achilles heel, so these are the words that you should never say to each sign:


There is no doubt that you are a very intelligent person, but courage means that you are always close to the risk and also against the clock. You are very independent and you hate when they want you to become another puppet, following a lot of rules that seem absurd to you. What they should never tell you is to relax, why do they insist on that? You cannot take it easy, because that would be giving up your essence. You are here to achieve great things, shut up, and be very proud of yourself. You can’t pause just to please others.


You are a sign that steals attention for its determination, for you, there is nothing impossible. You are a fast heartbeat willing to do anything to see your dreams materialize. You like when things go as planned, you are not in a hurry, but you really want to do your best. You are very patient and tolerant, but there is something in particular that awakens your demons, what they should never tell you is to forget and move on. You save every moment, be it good or bad, it is not because you are spiteful, but you prefer to have a clear list of people you can count on and who you cannot. Time does not erase, you learn not to get hooked, but the wound remains there.


You don’t care if people call you crazy, bipolar, or intense. The truth is that they say so much about you that you have already learned to let all their garbage slide off you, you do not think to worry about the bad vibes of people. You are a sign that loves to feel a new change, break with logic and let your charm fly. You have a star mind, full of a lot of knowledge and that becomes very attractive for everyone who knows you. The downside is that not everyone tolerates your open personality. In fact, what they should never tell you is that you change, that you stay in one place, that you are not so restless, and that you have already settled down. That makes your soul boil.


Your armor is not as strong as it seems, Cancer. There is a part of you that pretends that everything is fine because you hate feeling little or weak, but inside you know that all you need is a little calm and the warmth of sincere arms. Your emotions go to the rhythm of the moonlight and most of the time you don’t even know what to expect. However, there is something that they should never tell you, at least if they do not want to meet your drier and more bitter version, is that you must have a little more malice, because all the time you give yourself too much. It seems silly that you have to be a bad person just because others don’t know how to love. That more than getting angry disappoints you and all you want is to get out of there.


If you have something very clear in this life, it is that your state of mind does not have to depend on another person, Leo. With the passage of time, you have realized that there are many who stay close just because it suits them or because they envy you and want to know everything about you to hurt you at the least expected moment. Without a doubt, it has taken you a lot of work to overcome your insecurities, there are even times that they still prevent you from giving one hundred percent in some things. You know how hard you try and that is why what they should never tell you is to stop being conceited. Please! If people knew that the least you want is to show off and you are only proud of how far you’ve come, they would look down. If they knew half your story they would be quiet.


Your life is an eternal analysis, you really like to inquire into things and not settle for what most people think. There is a part of you that does not lose any detail and that if you have to do things ten times, you do them. You love your perfectionist side because it has led you to meet each of your expectations. It does not matter if it is in matters of love, health, money, work, you always give your best and find an efficient way to overcome everything. You are a lover of having a healthy life, following rules, and not losing control. However, what they should never tell you is to let go of things, not to worry, and to put everything in the hands of destiny. Never that, you know that life is uncontrollable, but you are not going to sit idly by, period.


You are not the type of person to be defeated, Libra, if you fall you get up again as many times as necessary. The downside is that in those moments you rarely ask for help, you don’t like the idea of ​​becoming anyone’s burden. However, when it is the other way around, you don’t think about it, it comes from your soul to support the other. This is thanks to your fair, diplomatic and reckless personality. That is why what they should never tell you is to ignore what is happening around you. It seems inhumane to you that they ask you to close your eyes and go on with your life as if nothing had happened. You will not allow injustice to mock your face if you have to bring out the beast that you carry inside you will.


You are definitely not the villain of the tale that people have created, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that they think twice before approaching and hurting you. You are very determined when you propose something and you do not care if all people are against it, you trust your intuition and that is more than enough. However, there is something they should never tell you if they don’t want to wake up your controlling and moody side. What you hate is being told that they doubt what you say, there is nothing that makes you angry more than that because you are very honest, you do not like masks, and much less build ties based on hypocrisy. Of course, your anger does not make distinctions, it does not matter if a friend or a stranger tells you, you do not react at all well.


You do not let yourself be manipulated by anyone Sagittarius. You know that the more you breathe freedom the happier you are and you love to let life place you where it wants. If there is something that distinguishes you from the rest, it is that you are not afraid of the unknown, you love to feel the adrenaline in every pore and not let yourself fall. However, there is something in particular that you do not like to hear from anyone’s mouth, that they ask you, why are you so disinterested? It seems that the fact of paying attention to yourself, putting yourself as a priority, and embracing your emotions, is synonymous with the fact that you do not care about the rest of the world. People want to make you feel guilty because they do not tolerate your light and when they see that you do not need the rules to smile, they are offended. The question would be, why don’t they stop that which makes them unhappy?


Tenacity is a key part of your character. You are a sign that does not allow itself to be defeated by anything, on the contrary, when life gets tough you face it by staring and without fear. Perseverance has led you to conquer places you never imagined and it is very pleasant to realize that discipline does make a difference in people’s lives. Hence, what they should never tell you if they don’t want your dark side to show up is to take things more lightly. It bothers you to be told that you work a lot, give a lot, or do a lot. They have no idea how you motivate yourself every morning not to give up and it’s disappointing to see someone turn your energy down in the blink of an eye.


Let’s see, you are a being with a thousand ideas per second, you love to analyze each situation around you in a deep and unusual way. The truth is that you don’t let the pessimism of those around you infect you. You know you’re here to do your best and you don’t want to become the fad person just to stay away from gossip. You trust your abilities and that is more than enough not to let your guard down. However, what you hate the most is being told that you are not going to make it. Hearing the bad vibes of others makes you sick and the only thing you want is to get away from those people who do not do and do not let others do.


Pisces may be too sweet, but that does not mean that he will tolerate anyone coming and unloading the aftermath of their wounds on his personality. It is a sign that always has emotions on the surface, so a bad face from you will not go unnoticed. It is important that you respect his way of being and that you do not question his every action as if he has lost his mind. The moment he hears someone say that their requests are not such a big deal, he simply gets angry. He hates being downplayed and made to look like an exaggeration. The fact that the other does not have a kind heart does not mean that Pisces is wrong.


The Words You Should Never Say To Each Sign

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