The Weirdest Couples Between Signs

One day you wake up and realize that your heart already has an owner. You have no idea how to explain it, but that person has an I don’t know what, that catches you. The truth is that not even in your wildest dreams would you have fallen in love with someone like that. Well, it just breaks with everything you like, but ironically you’ve lost yourself in its flaws, in the way its thoughts contrast with yours. Yes, I am talking about the rarest pairs among the zodiac signs. Surely you’ve already thought of someone, that someone who brings you upside down and to date you don’t understand why.

1.- Aries and Cancer

What can Aries and Cancer have in common? Well, Aries loves to take the role of hero, he is the one who has a warrior soul, who was born to impose himself and fight for love if necessary. He is the one who has that shield that makes Cancer fall in love. Who likes to feel protected, having a refuge where being loved does not become a plea. There comes a point where even though they are like water and oil, they complement each other in an incredible way. Cancer reminds Aries that life is not always so fast, that risks are worth it, but also stability. Also, Aries teaches Cancer to get out of their comfort zone and that makes them last for years.

2.- Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces are the two signs that honor stress, the truth is that you don’t even realize when they are already lost in some difficult situation. Particularly in the case of Taurus, if things don’t go as planned, they despair and all they want is to run away. That’s when Pisces enters the story when it becomes the unconditional support that Taurus needs. The truth is that they have their ups and downs, because Pisces is very empathetic, so much so that there are times when they appropriate the pain of others and that is when Taurus tries to release it, but it is practically like talking to the wall. Putting that aside, they can work.

3.- Gemini and Scorpio

Watch out! It is not a joke, the fame that these pair have earned has some truth. It does not mean that they are synonymous with evil. But the dark side of Scorpio and the gallantry of Gemini can make a bomb if they choose. They are two signs that when they fall in love put love first. Above all, Scorpio is much more emotional. The bond they create is unbreakable because one has exactly what the other lacks. Scorpio looks for a home, to put down roots, but Gemini knows that change is also good and that planning everything is not the best. Their relationship is passionate, domineering, and charming.

4.- Leo and Capricorn  

There are couples who are imposed, who do not care if they have the acceptance of the rest or not. They are the ones that put their character to the test in everything they do and that when they get together they can spark sparks or end up completely in love. There are only two, they may not understand each other the first time and their love may be fleeting or they may close the fairy tale with a happy ending. Leo and Capricorn have a thirst for success, love recognition and are very independent, so when they come together they improve their versions, admire, inspire and motivate each other all the time. Although they must be very careful because if they are not empathetic, they can end up competing with each other.

5.- Virgo and Libra

If there is a couple that defies all the predictions of astrology, without a doubt, we are talking about Virgo and Libra. The problem between these two is that they are very bright, they focus on giving the best of themselves, but… they don’t do it in the same way and that’s when they collide. Virgo wants things to be done as planned, but Libra does not like to take orders, much less pressure when he has to make a decision. However, when they manage to speak it, they can have a relationship full of strengths, because they have well-identified what bothers them about the other. His intelligence is capable of overcoming the rivalry between the two.

6.- Sagittarius and Aquarius

A couple of dreams, of madness, of those who do not intend to sit idly by while life passes them by. Aquarius and Sagittarius are the ones who have wild souls and leave a unique mark on their love affairs, so when they end up together it is simply because of past life agreements. Their strength is so great that they are together for a common goal. Fighting against everything conventional, against injustices and although it seems that there is no compromise between the two, because they are both very liberal, in reality, their bond goes further, because no matter what they do, in the end, they always choose each other over everything. Your relationship is the one that fills the entire world with energy.


The Weirdest Couples Between Signs

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